Wednesday morning

The oak leaf lettuce and the celery all tucked up under the anti-pigeon netting. Yesterday was a bit of a wash out in more ways than one. Firstly Jane arrived with her son in tow and I ended up spending the two hours giving him a maths lesson. He has decided that he can't do maths so I spent some time showing him that he could. He is a very bright lad and it would be a pity if he were to make a decision like that at this early stage. Anyway I think we have made a bit of a break through and he is going to learn his nine times table for me for next week so that he can have a go on my iPad. There is nothing like bribery and corruption!!!!! The weather was atrocious it poured with rain for most of the morning and again in the afternoon but I am not complaining as the garden is deeply in need of the water. The chickens were pretty fed up as I kept then locked in the short run as they are very stupid and get soaked in the rain.
My eye has gone all fuzzy again and I will at some point have to contact the hospital and see what is going on. I thought I would give it a week and if it is still bad I will make a move to sort it out.

Today I need to catch up on some of the things I failed to do yesterday like the washing. There was little or no point in doing it with the weather the way it was but today is set to be a good day so I will get it done bright and early and out on the line. I am also going to make some muffins this time with apple and raspberry. I thought they would be good to have with coffee before we set off to go shooting. I had a couple of sessions practising mounting the gun yesterday but you can only do it for a little while as it makes your arms ache. Anyway, I will give it a go today and see how I get on. I would also like to shoot at Dover on Sunday but that depends on the weather and I believe the weekend is not looking too good.

As far a good news is concerned I picked my first apricots yesterday and while there are only about a dozen on the tree it is a real triumph to have even those. I will now have to look up exactly how to do the pruning if I want a decent crop next year. Growing apricots in England is a novelty and this particular variety has been bred in Canada and is designed to be able to withstand the cold wet winters. The tree seems pretty disease resistant and unlike the peaches I tried seems immune to peach leaf curl. The tomatoes are just beginning to turn red and I am picking a few each time I pass by but they seldom make it to the kitchen. The puff ball is growing bigger and I am keeping a close eye on it so that I can pick it at the right moment.

Well that about it for today I had better go and make a start on the laundry and the muffins - have a good day all....


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