Wednesday and bin day

A years worth of damson jam.....

This morning I feel somewhat bereaved as I am now minus 30,000 of my pets.  Last night my bees were taken away to live in High Halstow which is a very nice area for them and they will have lots of lovely woodland to forage in.  They were collected by Terry and a very nice family with two teenage sons who made themselves very useful fetching and carrying.  I kept well out of the way as I didn't want any parting gifts.  Not all the bees were back so Terry has left a super with a floor and roof to collect the stranglers which he will collect tonight.  The family are about to go on holiday to Egypt so they will come and collect the remaining gear when they return.  In the mean time the bees can settle in to their new home.  In some ways I will be pleased to regain the foot of the garden which has been a no go area for a while.

Earlier in the day I turned down paid work!!!  Jane asked me if I would tutor her son with his maths for which his father would be only to happy to pay.  I turned it down, as I know that maths is taught in a very different way from the way I was taught and while I am happy to encourage and help with odd bits and pieces to take on tutoring would not be fair to the boy.  If he is having trouble the last thing he needs is to be confused further by my antiquated teaching methods.  However I am pleased that he was all fired up after our last session and arrived with his nine times table learned and under his belt.  This meant that he got to play on my Ipad for an hour and he was sent away to learn his 4 times table for next week.  I hope he is beginning to realise that numbers are not a closed book to him and if I achieve this I will be very pleased.

Now on to porridge....Mike bought a huge packet of Scots porridge oats which will not fit in the cupboard so I have tipped the required amount into the container but the rest is just a nuisance so the dogs had porridge for breakfast which they though was a big treat!!!!  And the chickens went mad for their portion so I guess it will not be a nuisance for very long.

Today Elaine is going to come for coffee at some time and we can have a chat about her knees.  She is only 40 and it looks like she has arthritis in her knee joints.  This will probably mean she will have to get rid of her horses which will devastate her as she puts so much work into them.  Her other major fear is that she will put on weight if she cannot do the same level of exercise.  She, like me loves to cook and eat so we will have to see if we can't find some activities that don't require punishing her legs.  The obvious one is swimming but after that I am somewhat stuck.  It is hard to burn calories with out walking!!!!  Any suggestions welcome!!!
I have suggested she gets a tall stool for the kitchen so that she can take the weight off her legs at every opportunity.
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