Tuesday morning

Big dog, double duvet all in a cat basket

Yesterday was a day for jam making and the damson jam turned out really well but getting the pips out is definitely a labour of love.  Having done that, I was determined to have a go at making the microwave lemon curd.  What a doddle that was, I can quite see why it doesn't last very long it is far too delicious. The only trouble with all this cooking is the washing up it creates....  Next it was out with the dogs - it was blowing a gale but I actually enjoy walking in that sort of weather more than in the warm sun.  We then swung back via the butcher where I purchased a few bits and pieces including a lump of pigs liver which I promptly made into liver cake for the dogs.  Once made I cut it into cubes and freeze it as it is rationed owing to the very hight protein content.  By the time I had prepared lunch I was "cream crackered" so while I was having an afternoon siesta Mike shot off to buy more coffee for the machine and while he was at it half a dozen more lemons - do you think he liked the lemon curd? 

I got a call from Terry in the evening, he has found a deserving person to have my bees.  I suggested that he offer the whole lot to someone who was keen but short of cash as it is a fairly expensive hobby to initiate.  Anyway, he is coming this evening to collect the bees and take them to a holding site.  It has to be done in the evening as they should all be home from their days foraging so we can seal the entrance and move the whole hive.  The remainder of the kit can be moved at a later date.

Jane is due this morning and no doubt she will have her son in tow - he will be keen to play with my iPad but first he will have to prove that he has mastered the nine times table that we did last week.  He is a bout to find out that I am a person of my word!!!!!

Progress on the eye is at a stand still but I now have a follow up appointment for September 2nd at which point they will no doubt decide that there is nothing for it but to go ahead with the injections.  Let's hope that they can get on and do it before my weeks holiday which starts 22nd as I was hoping to take my gun and shoot at a very prestigious club in Suffolk.  Talking of guns I got quite a surprise when I googled the Boss gun that Luke let me shoot.  There was only one advertised and that was for £148,000 no wonder he thought I should have been impressed.....

The weather forecast is for rain today it seems that we are having alternate days of sun and rain at the moment which is of course absolutely ideal for the garden and everything is growing like mad.  I have picked the last of the dozen or so apricots and also some figs which are now ripe.  It looks like I am going to have a really good crop of borlotti beans but the runners look like a complete failure.  I also have an eye on the blueberries which are nearly ready and I really must get out and pick some raspberries as they are in full swing.  

As you will see I am having some fun with the new templates for the blog and I am gradually learning all the possibilities they offer..  The weather forecast is right it is raining now!!!!!!

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