Tuesday morning

Yesterday was a good day. Firstly I am delighted with the video footage that I finally managed to get on the blog all be it a long way round via YouTube. I hope that it has given my readers a bit of an insight into my domestic arrangements. I expect some of you were expecting rolling acres rather than an average urban garden. Now that I have the software cracked I should be able to make some nice bits of video. This particular piece was taken very early in the morning hence no eggs from the chickens. They have all usually laid by about 9am but at dawn they are just keen to get out and stretch their legs.

Sandi arrived nice and early and we settled down to some coffee and a bit of a chin wag it seemed ages since we last got together and somehow the telephone is not quite the same as chatting face to face. We then all piled into the car and headed for Woolwich and the oriental super market. I had a couple of items on my list but as usual I ended up buying lots of extras. I hope Sandi found it an interesting experience there are so many things that none of us have the first idea what they are or what to do with them. Sandi treated herself to a new Wok as they are so reasonable and I replaced a soup bowl that had been broken. I bought some bits and pieces for lunch including char siu pork [spelling] and some prawn dumplings and pak choi. We were all starving by the time we returned home and the steamer was pressed into immediate action so that we could eat as soon as possible. No sooner than we had sat down than the phone rang and it was Jeff confirming shooting on Wednesday so let's hope the weather holds. After lunch we headed off up the garden and picked a portion of little green beans and enough blackberries to make a nice blackberry and apple crumble. The raspberries are not yet in full flow but it will not be long and Sandi would like the opportunity to pick some for jam. I would be more than happy for her to do that as I get fed up with picking them. I still have some of last years in the freezer which I have failed to use up. As we walked back down the garden we noticed the first ripe fig which Sandi ate but not alone as the dogs were sitting round her drooling - they all love figs!!!!! In the early evening I got phone call from our friends Len and Margaret who had just purchased a new DVD recorder which they were having real trouble getting to work and so rang for my advise. It is gratifying to think they thought I could help them but on the end of a phone I stand no chance not that I am any sort of a technical wizard anyway.

Today I have an early appointment with the ophthalmic hospital which should see me discharged from their care. I have been so impressed with the whole process and would rather have cataract surgery than have a filling at the dentist any day. The wonderful, and sorely missed, Jane is due today so the house will get a bit of a birthday and believe me it desperately needs it. She will have to bring her son with her but he is such a nice and intelligent little boy that he is a pleasure to have. I then plan to make a cake and get it in the freezer - making cakes is not my strongest suit so to have a dessert in the freezer in case of visitors is always reassuring. I think we have finally used up all the left overs from my last visitors with the exception of a chunk of Stilton which I don't really know what to do with. No doubt I will find some way to loose it.....

As I started writing this it was pitch dark but the sun has risen now and I can see thick dark clouds so maybe we are in for some much needed rain........What a pity I won't be able to mow the grass!!!!!

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