Tuesday morning and chilly

Japanese anemones in full bloom
It is very confusing to have James at home as it makes me think that it must be the weekend.  Yesterday once the rain had stopped we set off to take the dogs for a walk and chose the woods as the place most likely to be dry underfoot.  With James for company it gave me the opportunity to do a bit of training with Basso and I am pleased to say he acquitted himself fairly well.  He could certainly be a little more prompt with answering his commands but he does do what he is told.  We then had a quick whip round Tesco for some odds and ends.  At the moment they have San Daniele ham on cheap offer and for my money it is superior in quality to both Serrano and Parma as it retains more of the moisture making it very tender to eat.  I could of course be biased in this opinion.  
When we got home I set to and egg and bread crumbed the two chicken breasts that had been cut into bite sized pieces so essentially they were chicken nuggets which we had with a tomato salad.  The tomatoes had come from a nursery the other side of Maidstone and Mike was so impressed that he set off after lunch to buy some more.  They grow 12 different varieties and I think next year I will go to them for my tomato plants as they seem very healthy and vigorous.   Anyway, I now have more tomatoes than you can shake a stick at, so today for lunch we will have home made pizza with a home made tomato sauce on them.  We had bought some chicken wings in Tesco which I have made into a wonderful clear chicken broth which I will serve with gnocchi de gris [semolina] which is one of James favourites.  The wings once cooked then become dog food so all in all pretty economical.  
The weather yesterday was a real mixed bag with both sunshine and rain in about equal quantities today however the temperature has dropped and we are down to 13 degrees this morning which is quite chilly.  The antibiotics are doing their stuff and my chest is improving but I still feel very lacking in energy.  In many ways it is great to have James here as it does make me make a bit more effort and I do get the odd cup of tea made for me.  He has also offered to cut the grass for me which will be a great help.  The wonderful Jane is not coming today as she has a hospital appointment but she is going to come on Thursday instead so the mess will have to wait a couple more days.  
While chatting with Margaret I discovered that she hates laundering her bed sheets so she takes them to the laundry.  This sounds like a really good idea to me as I must admit king size sheets and duvet covers are a pain in the neck.  So I think I may do some further investigation and see if I can't do the same thing.  I am fortunate that I have several changes for each bed so I could collect sheets and only need to go once a month.  It would also make things easier when we come back from the caravan as I always have a complete set to launder as well as all the clothes and towels etc.  
Well that is about it for this morning I am off to make a tomato sauce now in anticipation of the pizza lunch - I also have the chicken wings to pick over so the dogs can have the meat for their breakfast.  Have a good day all you may well need a cardigan if your weather is like ours....

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