Tuesday and cold

A different perspective of the garden from under the boughs of the magnolia......

Yesterday turned out to be a good day with just a light breeze and intermittent sun and cloud, perfect drying weather.  The washing machine was in service all day as load after load of washing went through and out on to the line.  That is the easy part now I have mountains of clean washing waiting for the next stage.  It is always nice and easy to take curtains down but so much more effort to re-hang them.  I still have further washing to go before I feel satisfied that house is on the clean side rather than the dirty side.  Once the cleaning bug had bitten I was away and made a start on a good clean of the kitchen.  White furniture is lovely but it does show the dirt, anyway, I got stuck in and did all the cupboards down one side of the kitchen; today the other side will get a birthday and as Jane is due the cooker and the floor will get done.  It was not until I had taken down the net curtains that I realised how dirty the windows were so they will need a clean before I reinstate them.
In the lull between loads I made us a Dorset apple cake which is going in the freezer along with more tomato sauce I made to use up the glut from the garden.  I also made a fresh tomato lasagne with mozzarella cheese and one of the frozen bechamel sauces - it was very tasty, but very wet, not the thing to eat in company.  We had half for lunch hot and the other half cold for supper with some mini burgers.
Today will be more of the same cleaning while I still have the enthusiasm - Mark is due to come and have a go at the garden which will be a great help as it is looking very over grown but it does mean that my first job of the day is to go and pick up the dog poo..... The guy who had my bees is also coming to collect the rest of the bee gear which will clear out the shed and make a tidy much easier.  I think we have a mouse problem in there that I will then make a serious effort to address.  I suppose it is inevitable given that there is chicken food available.
Today will need to be simple food if I am to accomplish my list of chores so I fancy a pasta and tomato sauce lunch.  Dinner will be a pork chop with glazed carrots which I made yesterday and will reheat.  I do have loads of apples that need using up so I think apple snow will get rid of some of them and perhaps I could caramelise some to go with the chops.  Well the sun is now up but the temperature is well down it is only 11 degrees and I have a load of washing ready for the line.  Once more unto the breech dear friends!!!!!!

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