Thursday morning and sunny

The gods really smiled on us yesterday we managed to get a round of shooting in before the rain and what is even better I was only 5 shots behind Jeffrey. What a difference the new eye is making!!! We had just ordered our burgers when the rain started so we sat in the car and ate them then headed home for dessert of apple and blackberry crumble and cream. By about 4pm the heavens opened and we had some really decent rain accompanied by thunder and lightening. I got absolutely soaked putting the hens to bed despite a large golf umbrella which was almost impossible to manoeuvre through the garden. I was so wet by the time I returned that there was nothing for it but to strip off and start again even my underwear was sodden. The hens were as usual sitting in the rain despite having several places to shelter they are really not very bright! I had made the chocolate and cherry cake at the crack of dawn and put it in the fridge to set so this morning it will be transferred to the freezer. It looks like the perfect day to walk with the dogs as the sun is shining, it is nice and cool and everywhere seems fresh and clean after the deluge.
Today I have no real plans for the day, I would like to get the grass mowed, you will notice I refrain from calling it a lawn. I also need to remember to water the glasshouse. It is so easy to forget it when it has been raining. I also need to book up a weeks holiday in the Rendlesham forest in September. We usually have a week once the kids have gone back to school and then pack the van down for the winter. The last time we had it out I gave the interior a fairly good clean and stripped out the carpets and washed the floor so it should not need too much work. Cleaning the outside requires a step ladder and a lot more effort - it seems some what pointless as it gets covered in bird poo over the winter despite being kept in a barn.
Time I got going, I am up very late this morning and the dogs are patrolling round me looking for their breakfast. Good luck with the essay Anne, I am so glad that I have put all that academic stuff behind me now.......
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