Thursday morning and still dark

Basso happily shares his crate with some friends!!!!!
Yesterday morning I got side tracked there was an update for Picasa the photo program that I use.  It has a facial recognition capability but the old version had ceased to work but the update is fully functional so I spent a good few hours relabelling photos.  It is a slow and tedious job as I have some 5,000 photos to go through. Around lunch time Elaine arrive with her three kids who we sent up the garden to pick raspberries which gave us a bit of time for a chat and a coffee.  When they returned they were happy to play with Basso.  He was wonderful with them and allowed himself to be pulled around mercilessly.  He seemed to join it with the whole spirit of the game.  The two terriers just looked on with pitiful looks of disdain!!!!  They were all fascinated by the Flip camera which is easy enough for the children to use.  The photo is a still taken from a demonstration strip of video.  By the time they had left it was well past lunch time so we shot up to the bakers and bought some pasties.  I must admit I was not feeling the full ticket as I have a bit of an upper respiratory infection which is sapping my energy.

On now to the supper experiment.  I had a chump of lamb which I seared off in a pan and then transferred to the oven at 80 degrees for an hour.  I then took it out to rest while I prepared the runner beans and potatoes.  I must say that the meat was perfect, tender juicy and rare.  All in all a very successful way to cook a small joint and only possible now that I have the new oven which I can set accurately.

Terry came as the sun went down to collect the stragglers from the bee colony and offered me the chance to keep my hand in with the bees by doing some artificial insemination and morphometry neither of which involves handling live bees and risking getting stung.  This sounds like it might be an interesting pass time so I have said that I would be interested.  Can you imagine artificially inseminating bees the mind boggles!!!!!

Today, in a moment of madness, I offered to take the twin girls out walking with the dogs with a view to collecting some damsons for jam making.  I hasten to add I will not be making the jam with them I will leave that joy to their mother. I may however collect some elderberries and blackberries to make another crumble.

Now that the bees have gone I can once more get stuck into the compost heaps which could do with turning and reorganising and hopefully I should have a couple of barrow loads ready to go on the vegetable beds once the crops are finished.  There is a fairly high proportion of chicken manure in the mix so it should be good stuff.

Mike will be up on charges today for dereliction of duty.  He failed to load the dishwasher and the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it.  What a way to start the day!!!!!!
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