Thursday morning after the deluge

The cyclamen are in flower it is definitely autumn.....

Yesterday we decided to give the shooting a miss as no one really felt like going.  Instead I made a batch of blueberry muffins which got devoured hot straight out of the oven.  For lunch I did pasta in two ways half was served with a  lovely tomato sauce made from the copious tomatoes we have and the second half with pesto made with a big handful of basil that came in my vegetable box.  James put the mower over the lawn for me which was a job that had been hanging around for sometime and was desperately in need of doing.  No sooner had we settled down for dinner than the heavens opened and it rain heavily all evening and most of the night.  I managed to dash out in one of the lulls and get the chickens put to bed.  The silly girls were soaked they seem to like sitting in the rain either that or they are too stupid to seek shelter.  
For dinner we had one of the rabbit pies that I had made and frozen - it was very scrumptious and I will go today and see if the fish monger has any more rabbits and have a go at making some more.  I think James would like to take some home for his freezer as they make a pretty good almost instant meal.

I don't know if you watched the program about waste food last night where several top chefs made a banquet for 60 people with stuff that they had sourced from food that would have been discarded.  Farmers are throwing away or ploughing back in tons of fruit and vegetables that are not quite the right size or shape for the supermarkets.  I feel very strongly about this but what can we do to let the supermarkets know that less than perfect food is acceptable to discerning customers who value flavour over looks?  I suppose the only recourse is to boycott the supermarket fruit and vegetables which I already do.

Well to my surprise everybody is up and about so I guess I had better sign off and get to grips with the day.

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