Thursday and just light

Is this a sign of autumn - these lovely hips on one of my roses? Well where to start - I am feeling really down in the dumps this morning my eye is as bad now as before I had it done and it is like looking through frosted glass. I phoned the hospital yesterday but did not receive a call back if they tried they would have found the phone engaged. It was only at 6pm when my mobile rang that I found out that the land line was showing permanently engaged. So I will have to start the process off again by ringing them first thing this morning. I made a batch of muffins yesterday morning and discovered that the recipe on the iPad was now in metric but it had made a nonsense of the tsp. of baking powder and bi-carb. Could I get it back to imperial - no way so I just guessed the quantities. Well to cut a long story short I had in fact doubled the quantities which meant that the resulting muffins were a bit soapy. However I made a well in each one and filled it with fresh raspberries which masked the flavour. So not a total disaster!!!! Anyway Jeff and Mike didn't seem to notice and Basso thought they were fine.
We were blessed with lovely weather for our shooting and for once there were fewer people so it was a nice quick round without too much queuing at the stands. I shot my first 10 so I was well pleased but on the clays that were father away I was in trouble as I couldn't really see them. We had the regulation burger lunch and then decamped back to our house for beer and gun cleaning then coffee and muffins.
Half way up the garden we have a gate which has been driving me mad as it only opens in one direction which causes all sorts of problems if you are trying to push a barrow or wheelie bin up the path. Well after a bit of study I decided that if I could get about half an inch of metal off the catch the gate would swing in both directions. So Jeff and I took the angle grinder to it and now it is a pleasure. It is amazing that you put up with an irritation for years then one day it just has to be fixed and you wonder why you didn't do it years ago!!!!
Today we are off to collect the terriers who have been on holiday with Len and Margaret - I suppose it is the same sort of relationship as grandparents - they love having the dogs but don't want the responsibility of dogs on a permanent basis. Basso has been a bit glum without his buddies and though we have had some training in the garden I have not managed to get him out as much as I would have liked. At the moment the weather looks really lovely but the forecast is for rain again today so it may be short lived.
We will be going out for lunch which gets me off the hook in the kitchen but I do have a nice pile of laundry to keep me out of mischief....
p.s. The apricots taste wonderful they are sweet and juicy I don't think this a biased opinion but they are much nicer than any I have ever bought in the shops.....

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