Sunday morning and windy

This was a card that arrived in the post yesterday and I had to laugh so I thought I would share with you....

I left home at about 10 am with only myself and Basso in the car, Mike had decided that he was not feeling up to the BBQ so he and the terriers stayed at home.  Saturday morning driving through Maidstone is not much fun and to add to the mayhem there was some sort of motor cycle meeting so the town was crammed with bikes.  Once outside the town I thought it would be plain sailing but I picked up a tractor which I ended up following for miles as there was no where to overtake on the twisty windy country roads.  I finally arrived shortly before 12 so the hours run had almost doubled.  The weather was miserable with a light drizzle but being  stalwart types we sat and ate our barbecued meat and salad in garden and then headed for the shelter of the conservatory.  Basso had a great time and begged a few sausages from the BBQ.  He also took it upon himself to accompany anyone who was having a tour of the garden and duly walked along side them down to the pond and back again.  By about 3.30 I was sinking into the west so I beat a hasty retreat.  While I was chatting with Shiona she was explaining how she had had a wasp sting that has turned into cellulitis and required treatment with antihistamines and antibiotics and as if that were not enough she had had a small conflagration when a candle set light to her bedroom.  She had gone down stairs on an errand when she noticed the black smoke coming down to meet her.  Fortunately the damage is superficial and while a coat of paint, new bedside table and a new piece of carpet will be require she actually got away lightly.  I must admit I have an intrinsic fear of candles and very seldom light them.  On reflection she felt that dog must have been chasing the cat and knocked the candle over.
I had a nice chat with Jackie on the phone and apparently the wedding went off very well.  The weather was very windy which did nothing for peoples hats and while there were odd showers nothing actually spoiled the day.  The cake that Jackie had made was very successful for which she was mightily relieved.  It is quite a responsibility and you never know until it is cut whether it will still be moist.  
James telephoned while I was out and is apparently coming down this afternoon to stay for a couple of days.  It is his birthday tomorrow but it is a bit late to start thinking of a cake - anyway he doesn't have a sweet tooth so just a nice meal might be a better bet.  Mike took the message so I have no idea what time he is coming or how long he is intending to stay.  It's a good job the catering department is fairly flexible.

Have a good day all I am off to squirt lemon juice in my eye [well that is what it feels like].

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