Sunday morning and raining

Cyclamen in bloom so that is really a sign of autumn.....
I had a cooking day yesterday and started with the hedgerow fruit that I had collected and made a nice crumble with damson, apple, raspberry, elderberries and blackberries - I used eating apples so I added no sugar to the fruit but there was certainly enough sweetness in the fruit and with the sweet crumble topping it was fine.  Then I tackled the rabbit which had been in brine over night.  I took the meat off the legs and saddle and removed the sinew.  The carcass and bits and pieces all went into the pot to make stock.  I then cooked the meat with diced onions, carrots, potato and a few mushroom and a handful of frozen peas all ready to go into the pies.  In case any of you are interested there is a wonderful site that gives you a step by step video of how to make a rabbit pie.  They have recently added how to make sausages and burgers with rabbit also.  It is a ferreting site but the videos can be found with the reviews and leaflets Once the main processes were done I put it all to cool and will build the pies today.  For lunch I made mackerel with a gremolata of garlic parsley and lemon zest which we had with French beans from the garden.  For dinner I made confit duck legs with spring cabbage and mash.  The meat from the stock making was picked off the bones for the dogs supper -

It was a bit of a hit and miss day with regard to the weather and it is raining at the moment so I think we are in for a very similar day today.  I would have gone shooting today had my eye been OK but I guess as it is raining I am just as happy to stay at home.  Foolishly, I had done a load of washing so that is all draped around the house as there was no chance of getting it dry outside.  I had a nice long chat catching up with Shiona who is now back from Scotland and Norwegian cruise.  We are all due to go over to her house next weekend for a BBQ so lets hope the weather improves or we will all be stuck in the conservatory.

I started the Telegraph general knowledge crossword puzzle around lunch time and finally got it finished at about 8pm with the aid of wikipedia.  I do as much as I can using my own brain then trawl the internet for the remaining clues.  Some how I feel that it keeps my brain alive, as day to day living is not exactly taxing....I am a firm believer in "use it or loose it".....

If I get the chance I will have a foraging trip today and get some of the lovely wild damsons and make some jam but that largely depends on the weather.  If it continues to rain it may get put off until tomorrow - Ok now to go and assemble my rabbit pies.....

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