Sunday morning and damp

Garlic chives in flower

Yesterday morning started out beautiful and sunny so the opportunity was not lost and I got out bright and early with all 5 dogs and Elaine and her son.  We started our walk form the less well known end of  Riverside country park where there is a small car park which is seldom full.  The logistics of getting all 5 dogs into the car was quite a feat.  I decided the best arrangement was to put Mary in with Basso in his cage, Nip and Tuc in their own cages and Hamish on the back seat strapped in with the seat belt.  Although the tide was well out we walked to the water pools and with the rain they were virtually full so the dogs all had a good splash around.  In some places Mary was almost swimming as she has the shortest legs but it only came up to Basso's ankles.  As I had made some lemon curd earlier I gave a jar of it to Elaine - not a totally altruistic move - but designed to stop me from eating it.  I kept one jar and used that to spread on some blueberry muffins that I had also made.  Don't do this it is far too nice!!!!!!  Calling on my iron will I put the majority of the muffins in the freezer by way of an experiment to see if they will be OK defrosted when we have unexpected visitors.
When Shiona returned from the hair dresser looking very glamorous we settled down to a lunch of crusty bread with some cold meats and a large tomato and mozzarella salad.  In the mean time I had put a calves tongue on to boil for supper.  I went for a kip while Shiona watched "Shutter Island" another good film with Leonardo DiCaprio.  We then got stuck into the crosswords in the paper and as it is a Bank holiday weekend there were several.  We completed the normal general knowledge puzzle with little difficulty but then we tackled the £500 prize one which threw up several words we knew nothing about so we had the dictionary out as well as wikipedia. Coelenterate had us baffled for some time as did "species of monotreme".  Anyway suffice to say that with the two of us in terrier mode we didn't give up and finally solved both clues.
Just to save you going mad, coelenterate turned out to be jellyfish and the monotreme was a platypus.  By the time we had finished the puzzles it was nearly time for supper and Shiona had decided to stay another night.  We then got stuck in to the cooking and made a nice sauce for the tongue and some courgette and red pepper patties.  I had kept back one muffin each which we had for dessert with a nice blob of lemon curd.
This morning it is much cooler with the temperature down to 13 degrees.  It had rained in the evening just as I went to put the hens to bed but we had got away with a largely dry day.  As yet I have no plans for today and have nothing in mind for food.  I will wait and see how long Shiona is staying before I make any decisions.  The kitchen could use a good clean with 5 dogs and wet weather the floor is a mess so I may have a cleaning day rather than a cooking day.  Anyone doing anything exciting this Bank holiday?


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