Sunday morning and damp

Another photo of Allington lock. The photos have been lifted from a piece of video footage which is a very useful facility. After breakfast Mike went off to the shops and bought me a chicken which I dismantled taking the breasts off to butterfly them and pan fry with some courgettes for lunch the remainder went into the pot and made the most wonderful chicken broth. I took the trouble to make it properly and kept the temperature below boiling so that it stayed crystal clear. We had the broth with some pastina and a good grating of Parmesan cheese for supper which was just what my stomach needed. The meat from the bird which was in the stock is now like rags so it has been down graded to dog food.

The weather was all a bit hit and miss yesterday with frequent quite heavy showers which kind of put the kibosh on my gardening plans. Still that is one of the good things about being retired there is always tomorrow to do the jobs you miss today. I had put the dogs beds through the washing machine and out on the line but they are still there as every time I was about to bring them in it rained again and soaked them. I must admit that the garden is looking much more cheerful for a good drink.

Today Len and Margaret are coming to collect the terriers, Nip and Tuc, as they asked if they could have them for a couple of days. This is quite helpful for me as it means it is much easier to have a training session with Basso if he is on his own. It does however mean that I will have to pack all their stuff this morning. I was going to have a go at the competition shoot but I think that had better be cancelled especially as I will be shooting tomorrow when I have my gun fitted.

I think I must be one of the few women who receives a mothers day card in August but as my eldest is in Thailand he sends me a card for mothers day over their. It always takes me by surprise but it is nice to know that you are remembered.

I think the eye is settling down and the vision is clearing a bit so I am hoping it is only the stopping of the steroids that caused the problem. My stomach too is settling down with the delicate treatment so hopefully I am on the up and up. I might even get my gardening done today who knows? Each time I venture up the garden it is becoming more and more difficult as the branches of the magnolia are obstructing the gate so I think some judicious pruning is in order. According to the weather forecast the weather is supposed to be more settled next week so I will take the opportunity to have a look at the bees and make sure all is well. I am going to leave them the honey this year so that they are well supplied for the winter. It also saves me a massive job for not much return so it is a win win situation.

Well that's about it for today I am off to make some blueberry muffins........

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