Sunday and another month gone

Sweet peas completely covered in aphids which have decimated both the sweet peas and the runner beans. I would love to spray with something really noxious but I have the bees to consider so only soapy water is allowed - you can see how effective it is!!!!!

Yesterday was a bit wet with drizzle rather than rain - just enough to make it wet without actually watering the garden. We could really do with some significant rain and a steady down pour for a couple of hours would be most welcome. In the mean time it is the hose and watering cans. The smoked chicken carcass was put to good use and I made some really lovely lentil soup with the stock. I also made a batch of gazpacho to get rid of some of the excess salad ingredients. For dinner I had some pork fricassee and broad beans which were lurking in the freezer. The damp weather did force me to get on and do the ironing and get that out of the way. I also spent some time cleaning the outside of the freezers which had become filthy - I suppose that as they are kept in the garage that is to be expected. Our garage is so narrow that even if you could get a car in there is no way you could get the doors open. It has therefore been converted to a secondary kitchen store. When I had the kitchen renewed all the old cupboards and work surfaces were reassembled in the garage - the old sink went to the shed for washing flower pots. A nice bit of recycling I think....
The camera attachments for my iPad arrived from the USA yesterday so I spent a bit of time trying them out. One little box takes the SD card the other a USB lead so it is very adaptable. Sadly, there is still a conflict between the flip video camera and the iPad however, using the desk top I can convert film to a format that is acceptable to the iPad. It is a bit long winded but it does work. No doubt, given time, some 13 year old wizard will come up with a solution. On the computer front I had a Belkin router which was a pain as it kept dropping the connection but since changing to a D-Link, supplied by Virgin, touch wood, it has never dropped the connection once.
James was going to visit us today but text me to say he is too busy with things at home so at least I had some notice for catering purposes. I have one big job to do in the garden and that is to sand down and re oil the table so I need to choose a few good dry days to do that. I also sent off for some saffron crocuses and need to organise a place to plant them. I am looking forward to collecting my own saffron though no doubt it will only be a minuscule amount. It is my intention to put them in a large planter which currently has alpines in it. This should make picking a bit easier when the time comes.
Time for a shower and to get the dogs out for a walk then I can get going with my other plans. Have a good one all.....

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