Saturday morning

Marsh land with the tide out

First to answer the question on the Cullen skink  When I make it I don't really follow a recipe so this last one consisted of  leeks and onions sweated in a little butter - smoked haddock poached in milk and flaked once the veg is soft I add diced potato and chicken stock Then finally the haddock and the poaching milk once all the veg is cooked.  I had some dregs of cream lurking in the fridge so that went in also together with loads of pepper.  When I serve it I usually put lots of chopped chives on the top.  It is more of a chowder than a soup I suppose.
Yesterday started off raining but as the day wore on it gradually dried up.  Mike went and bought some food for the hens and poor James managed to hurt his back moving it from the car to the shed.  In mean time I had set too and made half a dozen rabbit pies which are now in the freezer.  It sound so easy when you write it down but there are so many processes it takes ages and creates shed loads of washing up.  So for lunch we ended up with sausage egg and chips.  
Shiona rang to remind me that apparently we had agreed that she would come over and spend the night prior to her hair appointment this morning.  So shortly after lunch she arrived with her two dogs so it was a quick turn around of the bedroom and James loaded himself up with 2 rabbit pies some tomato sauce and half a dozen eggs before leaving for home before his back seized up completely.  We decided that we would have a take away for supper as I was pretty cooked out by then.  Shiona lives in an area where there are no take-aways so it is a sort of treat for her.  Mike wanted to watch the TV so we abandoned him and went and watched a film that Shiona had brought with her.  It was called Julia and Julia with Meryl Streep playing the part of Julia Childs the lady who wrote the first French cookery book for Americans.  The second Julia in the title was a girl who then worked through the cookery book and wrote a blog about her exploits which ended in her getting all sorts of offers to write a book.  It was a nice sort of girly film not very taxing on the intellect but pleasant.
We then decanted the dogs to their various rooms and all retired for the night - I settled down with my iPad and watched Salt which is a new film with Angelina Jolie in which she plays a remarkable double agent who is completely indestructible and very unrealistic.  Not really worth watching but it did pass the time .....

Today the weather looks better with the sun trying to break though the clouds and a light breeze.  I have a bucket full of rabbit stock which needs to be put in the freezer and the meat from the carcasses had been made into dog food.  You can't imagine how popular I am with the 5 dogs all of whom love rabbit....
Shiona is off to the hair dresser at 9 am and will be gone for several hours as she is having her hair coloured which takes a while.  I have some courgettes that need using up so I think I will make a batch of courgette pancakes and Mike has bought me some more blueberries which I think is a hint for some more blueberry muffins.  With the addition of some cold meat and some bread we should be able to get a lunch out of that lot.  As for dinner I haven't an idea but I have lots of veal in the freezer so I think I might make some inroads into that.  Anyway have a good day all and enjoy the improving weather if you can......  

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