Saturday morning

An ominous sky with Sheerness docks in the distance.

Yesterday was off to a busy start the crumble was made and also a potato salad.  Mike went and got some venison sausages from the butcher not to mention a few other bits and bobs.  Then it was off to collect Len and Margaret and on to a plant nursery at Wateringbury just the other side of Maidstone.  It is a lovely small home run nursery that specialises in Fuchsias but in their lovely old fashioned wooden green houses they also have the most wonderful selection of tomatoes growing.  They have a pick your own policy and about 12 different varieties to choose from. Len and Margaret bought a large pot and some fuchsias and a hydrangea.  Mike chose 6 nice fuchsias for the pots in the front of the house.  They are all hardy varieties I hasten to add.  I in the mean time picked some wonderful black tomatoes with the most delicious flavour.  Once the car was completely stuffed with plants we made our way to Yalding for lunch.
That was a real disappointment I had a crab soup to start with which was so heavily loaded with tarragon that it was like eating soap.  My second course was slow roasted belly of pork with Brambly apples, which were missing, boulangere potatoes and seasonal vegetables, all of which were under seasoned and the vegetables were blanched rather than cooked.  Perhaps I was being over critical as I was feel a few degrees under by then but I don't think so.  I do resent paying good money for substandard food that I know I could prepare better myself !!!!
It was about 3pm by the time we arrived home and unloaded the plants from the car.  I was ready for my bed by then and feeling pretty rough.  Neither Mike nor I felt much like dinner so we had a helping of potato salad and a portion of crumble and cream.

Today I am destined to go to a BBQ at Shiona's house so I hope the weather holds out.  It looks ominously black over head at the moment with quite a strong wind.  However, the weather can be quite different the other side of the north downs so lets hope Goudhurst is bathed in sunshine.  Yesterday, was sunny and warm here so I hope that my nephew wedding in Stamford was blessed with good weather and I can't wait to see the photos.

Have a good day all .........

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