Saturday morning

Well definitely a better day yesterday - the photo shows the giant puffball being sliced ready for lunch.  I was unsure how long to leave it before picking so decided not to be greedy and cut it yesterday morning.  We had it for lunch fried in a little butter with garlic and parsley and I am pleased to report that it was delicious.  The weather was very unpredictable so I got out fairly early with the dogs but put on my wet weather coat in case so needless to say the sun came out and boiled me.  While I was walking I picked some elderberries, blackberries and wild damsons all of which are going to be added to an apple crumble.  The damsons are in such profusion that I will pick a large amount and make some jam with them as the flavour is just stunning.  While I was walking I noticed that the two terriers were lagging behind and are of an age now when they really don't want such long walks but of course Basso is in his prime and needs the distance so it is a bit of a dilemma.  On our way home we swung by the fish monger and I picked up some really beautiful Cornish mackerel which we will be having for lunch today and I also got a nice rabbit which is in brine as we speak and will get dismantled and frozen today for use some other time.
Thank goodness, I did all these things in the morning as in the afternoon we had a deluge there were even flash  floods in Deal. At least the garden will not need watering for some time, however, it is easy to forget that the greenhouse still has to be watered.  Today, I am going to make a start in packing up all my bee-keeping equipment which may as well go with the bees as it will not be any use to me.  I'm sure Terry will have no trouble getting rid of it as there are always people looking for equipment second hand.  
As yet I am not seeing any improvement in the eye situation and the eye drops sting like mad so it is not a very nice procedure however, it is early days and I was warned that they may well not have any effect.  I must admit I am a bit gutted as I was hoping to shoot on Sunday but there is no point if I can't see straight.  
According to the weather forecast we are in for another day of showers and/or heavy downpours.  I will have to time my damson picking session with care if I am not to get soaked in the mean time the ironing is still waiting to be done.  Oh happy days!!!!! 
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