Saturday morning

The paddle steamer heading for Maidstone up the river Medway from Allington lock. This is where we had lunch yesterday, not on the steamer but in the pub by the lock. We first went to our friends for coffee at about 10.30 and then on to take the dogs for a walk. There is a park which was once a zoo and still has the elephant house. The rest of the acreage is just well landscaped with lots of decorative mature trees. The dogs had a good time charging around and we managed to avoid the pond so they came back to the car relatively clean. The weather was kind to us and stayed dry but it was very threatening with some big black clouds overhead.

I am very distressed that my new eye which was so crystal clear has suddenly become fuzzy for no apparent reason that I can deduce. I am hoping that this is a passing phase but if it is still bad on Monday I will ring the hospital and get some advice. The only possible cause is that I am now off the steroid eye drops so I hope it will settle down on its own.

Today I had planned to do some planting in the garden but as I type it is raining steadily however I am hoping the old adage "rain before 7, dry by 11" will hold true and I can get on with the jobs I had in mind. I am expecting a visit from Elaine and her brood at some time as she is coming to collect some goodies that I bought for her at the oriental supermarket. We had hoped to go out with the dogs but with the weather the way it is that seems a remote possibility.

As for food today I am thinking that something nice and gentle would be a good idea as I am suffering with a bit of "Delhi belly" . My usual cure for this is chicken broth and copious glasses of water. I think I will have to detail Mike to go to the butcher and acquire a chicken as I don't seem to have any in the freezer. I know that he is planning a shopping expedition as we are in need of animal fodder. It is quite amazing how quickly the hens can devour 20Kg of layers pellets. They also get stacks of kitchen scraps to supplement their diet, not much makes its way to the compost heap these days.

I managed to book us a weeks holiday in the caravan in Suffolk towards the end of September which will be the last trip of the year. I was surprised that the site was almost full so I only just managed to get us in. I will be taking all the dogs for this trip as Margaret and Len are also on holiday that week but they have asked if they could borrow the small dogs at some other time as they do enjoy having them. It also gives me an opportunity to do some training with Basso on his own without the interference of the terriers.

Well it is still raining so I will have to get on with a few indoor jobs for the time being - enjoy your day and I hope the rain doesn't spoil your plans. By the way, after seeing some of the footage of the floods in Pakistan I promise never to moan about rain again!!!!!!!

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