Monday morning

What a miserable day I had feeling really rough so I have finally succumbed to the antibiotics. Fortunately, I have a course stood by so that I can start them when I need them rather than days too late when I have finally managed to get a prescription.   I decided to water the vegetables yesterday as it was all looking very dry, it might have been better if I had looked at the weather forecast before I started as we have had a deluge with gales over night so I really need not have bothered.  We had had a fatality in the pond and one of the fish was floating belly up so that has gone to join the rest of the compost.  We could do with loosing a few more as the pond is very over stocked.
James arrived shortly after lunch and had brought with him three cows knees, huge knuckle bones, for the dogs. Tuc immediately got stuck into his and worked extremely hard on it, so much so, that he was completely breathless by the time he came up for air.  Nip tackled his with a bit more dignity and slowly chewed and licked out the marrow.  Basso, on the other hand, was completely phased and had no idea what to do with it, however after a little instruction he settled down to some serious work,  he took it to the safety of his crate where he could work on it without the fear of the others stealing it.
I had intended to do some fried chicken for supper but was feeling so rotten that in the end we settled for a take away curry.  We will have the chicken for lunch today when hopefully I might have a bit more energy to egg and breadcrumb it.  It has to be my favourite way to eat chicken but my least favourite way to prepare it.  My mother always did fried chicken, potato and tomato salad as a picnic which we ate on the top of the St Gothard pass on our drive through to Trieste.  Childhood memories are very strong and I think they get stronger with age.....  Talking of age it is James birthday today - I find it hard to believe that  38 years ago I was in labour and by 8 am there was James screaming having totally surprised the midwife who was convinced that he wouldn't be born until lunch time.... Tempus fugit and all that....
I think it has finally stopped raining and the sun is trying to come out but the wind is still very strong and whipping the clouds along at a hell of a rate.  It is much more like autumn than summer and the weather is what I would expect in October not August.  I was pleased to see that my runner beans have made some headway following their very poor and late start and while we will not be inundated we should get a couple of good meals from them.  As yet there is no sign of the saffron crocuses but I guess it is a bit early for them.

I have tried to add a photo this morning but I keep getting a server rejected message so I will have to try again later.  In the mean time have a good day all......  Success at last, the blue berries are ripening!!!!

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