Monday morning

Basso at the beach!!!!
Yesterday was a bit of a mixed day with sunshine and showers.  I did my usual thing of collecting the eggs in the morning and also collected some of the apricots that I am so proud of and yet another portion of French beans and a hand full of figs. The raspberries are in full swing so I will need to have a picking session today and get them into the freezer.  Finally the tomatoes are beginning to ripen but the cucumbers have been a total failure this year.  Then it was time to walk the dogs so I equipped myself with a large polythene bag and off we went.  The wild damsons are in such profusion it is difficult not to pick too many - I called a halt at 2.5 lbs which should make sufficient jam for the odd scone or rice pudding.  We are not jam eating people so I have to keep a check on how much I make; it is very easy to get carried away.
I was hoping to hear from Terry with regard to the bees but as yet no word so I will probably give him a nudge today.  I need to get rid of them now that the decision has been made and they will need some time to settle into their new home.
I am religiously putting the eye drops in my eye but with no effect as yet.  The drops feel like lemon juice and sting like mad so it is a bit galling that they do not appear to be doing anything....Masochism is not my thing!!!!!
Today the weather seems a bit wild and autumnal it is blowing a gale and the forecast is for more rain which at least is reviving the very tired grass.  It makes walking the dogs a bit like Russian roulette; do I put on my wet weather gear in which case the sun comes out and I boil or go out in a shirt and get soaked.  I think Sod Law is fully operational at the moment.
For lunch yesterday we finished off the puff ball and after reading copious recipes I decided to egg and breadcrumb the slices then fry.  It was absolutely delicious served with a nice mixed salad and some crusty bread. From what I understand of mushrooms the main growing part of the puff ball should be underground and as I have just picked the fruit I am hopeful that next year I might get another.
Welcome to Technogran it is always nice to get a comment from a reader.  I seem to have been writing this blog for ever and I do sometimes wonder why people bother to read the mundane goings on of my life.  Well the damsons are boiling and its time I went and added the sugar - have a good day all.....

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