Monday and the start of another week

While I was working on the vegetable beds I discovered this - any ideas? Well I'll make it easy it is a giant puff ball - which will be on the menu fried with a little butter and some garlic. The only problem is that I am not sure how long to leave it before picking it. What a bonus!!!!! I planted up the oak leaf lettuce and the celery and got the netting over them before the pigeons have a chance. I then got on with planting up the saffron crocuses which are planted very deep at 15 cm which meant giving the bed a good dig over first and I also incorporated some compost into the soil to give them a good head start. Half way through my gardening Len and Margaret came to fetch the dogs so I had a coffee break and the muffins that I had made were a great success and disappeared at a rate of knots. i now know what to do with my crop of blueberries when they ripen. Nip and Tuc had their bags packed with their plates and a supply of food and treats then they were off. They have such a good time that they go very willingly as far as they are concerned it is a holiday.....

For lunch I roasted some chicken pieces which we had with runner beans. Sadly not from the garden but they were delicious anyway. Today we have to eat some French beans which are from the garden but as yet I have not decided what to have with them. The potatoes that I had boiled for lunch which were not eaten were converted to potato salad to which I added some hard boiled eggs and that was supper.

Today I would like to planted up the hostas that I bought and I need to pick some of the raspberries which are now ripe. I will open freeze them and then bag them up for use through the winter. I thought I might make a summer pudding to freeze and have after Christmas lunch in place of the usual very heavy pudding which we are not too fond of. Oh dear I have used the dreaded C word and it is only August.

This afternoon I am off to have my gun fitted which I am really exited about. Having a gun fitted is usually a very difficult and expensive thing but I have managed to get in via the back door so I am delighted. The chap who is doing it for me does all the fitting for the big London gun dealers and is more used to Purdey than my humble Beretta so I feel very privileged. He showed me a piece of Turkish oak that he had bought for making a stock with - cost £7,000 -some people have more money than sense..... A new stock for my gun, if I need one, should be between £200 -300 so not quite in the same league. I will let you know how I get on in tomorrows blog.

According to the weather forecast we are in for a couple of good days with no rain so it might be an ideal time to get on with sanding down the garden furniture and getting a coat of Danish oil on it before the winter. One of the sheds is need of a coat of paint but I think that it can wait until next summer unless we have a very dry autumn and I have the motivation to get on with it.... It is not the painting that I mind but all the preparation that has to be done first....

Anyway enjoy the good weather while it lasts and by the way well done Anne a kilo and half is good going keep up the good work - I really must get back on the wagon but at the moment I seem to be lacking the motivation so it is all a bit pointless.


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