Friday morning

Six little hardy fuchsias that I am going to have to nurture over the winter. 

Mike bought these to put in some pots in the front garden but I think they are too small to survive the winter out of doors so I intend to re-pot them and keep then in the shed over the winter.
Yesterday was a very noisy morning with next door having a tree removed - lots of chain saws and then a stump grinder.  It took three men about 3 hours to remove the tree and get rid of all the debris.  While they were at it I asked if they could sort out my Rubinia so I have booked them for next Friday when they will come and bob the tree and sort out some of the clutter of branches that are crossing in the centre. 

I had made a Cullen skink for lunch and just as we sat down to eat it Sandi and her sister June turned up.  Sadly the soup was all gone so they had to make do with cups of coffee while we ate our lunch.  Sandi's sister had her arm in a collar and cuff sling as she had had a major tumble down the stairs and broken a collar bone.  Not what she needed as she is just about to move house and two hands would be very useful!!!!  Anyway that aside we did manage to pick a few raspberries though they had suffered from the previous evenings down pour.  I think they will be fine for jam making which is the intention I think.   I picked enough runner beans for us to have a portion with our lamb rump which I roasted for supper.  On his shopping expedition Mike had bought some rabbits so they are soaking in brine overnight and today I will dismantle them and convert them into rabbit pies.  I made a large wodge of short crust pastry which is resting in the fridge and as Sandi brought  me some lovely greengages I think today will be a pie day all round.  The tomato glut is being converted into tomato sauce ready for pasta in the winter.  I really love this time of the year when I have this real urge to preserve things for the winter.  I have resisted making shed loads of jam as we really don't eat it and I end up giving it away to get rid of it.

At the moment it is still pitch dark but raining quite heavily - it doesn't look too good for the bank holiday weekend and I do feel so sorry for people who organising events not to mention the poor workers who have been looking forward to a couple of days off.  Mike and James are going to do some shopping for chicken food today and I am going to take advantage of James strong arms to get the 20Kg bags up to the end shed.  Unfortunately we have to tip the food from it's sacks into strong containers as the mice/rats nibble the bags and then I have a floor covered in layers pellets.

Well that is the plan for the day I am going to make a start on the rabbits as it will take me quite a while to get the pies under way.  I think lunch will have to something quick like sausage and egg and as for supper I haven't given it a thought yet.........

"The great British waste menu" was on BBC1 at 8.30 Wednesday and last night there was a fascinating program about E numbers which was quite an eye opener.  I must admit I am a hater of waste and what I can't use ends up either in the dogs, hens or compost.  I also find myself hoarding plastic boxes which I am sure will come in handy one day, except they never seem too, so I eventually end up throwing them in the recycling.

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Friday morning