Friday morning

Getting drowned putting the hens to bed in the rain.
Yesterday was s dry day and I managed to get the dogs out for a nice long walk but some how I managed to forget to mow the grass!!! I had a trip to the garden centre which is fatal. I bought some lettuce plants and some celery both of which can go in the empty veg bed. I also bought a couple of hosta plants to replace some that I have lost. When I got home I discovered the post man had delivered the saffron crocuses so I will have a nice weekend of gardening ahead of me. I would have done it all today but we are going out to lunch with our friends so that will not be possible. Interestingly the saffron is an autumn flowering plant and is planted in August for harvesting in October/November. The flowers are collected at dawn before they have had time to open - well that wont be a problem for me now will it!!!!! Given that saffron is so expensive this may even prove to be an economical enterprise. However I think you need acres of the corms to make it worth while!!!! Anyway it is a bit of fun to have a go and see what happens. Continuing on the garden theme the autumn raspberries are just beginning to ripen so we are not far from picking. The tomatoes are still very green with not even a sign of blushing so we have a while to wait there. The borlotti beans seem to have done very well and there are loads of pods but again we are some time from being able to pick them.
Yesterday for lunch I made some gnocchi with spinach and parmesan which you serve with fried breadcrumbs - they were very delicious and what a good way to get greens into people who are not good at vegetables. They would also be very nice served in a thick tomato sauce. I also had a go at making turnips in a way that I had them as a child. They are raw and grated then covered with salt and vinegar and left to stand. Finally they are rinsed and wrung out then dressed with oil, lemon and pepper. They vaguely resemble sauerkraut - not something I would rave about but an interesting change from boiled. I also made some Russian salad with a few French beans and the last of the peas which I had picked in the garden. Today I am going to make some meat balls ready for supper if we fancy them or maybe for tomorrow depending how big a lunch we have today. The weather forecast is for rain this afternoon so I guess the grass will have to go on waiting!!!!!!

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