Bank holiday Monday

Looking back down the garden in the strong evening light.
Poor Shiona had developed severe tendinitis in her right wrist over night which was incredibly painful - we analysed the situation and can only ascribe the damage to a days painting action on Friday.  We then raided my pharmacy for sufficient analgesia to allow her to drive home before things got any worse.  We made a tolerable splint out of a plastic water bottle which should hold the wrist still at night and allow her to get a nights sleep.  We loaded up her car with the two dogs and she set off  for home with some of my magic pills in her bag which should keep her going until she can get to a pharmacy/doctor.  
I then set to and made us some lunch -  I got two very nice rib eye steaks out of the freezer which I frightened with a red hot  gridle pan and served with some oven chips and an egg.  Steak egg and chips is a very nice meal!!!  For dinner we had a big salad and lots of left over bits and pieces from the fridge.  Both meals were followed by some wonderful greengages that Sandi had scrumped on my behalf.  We are having to be very careful just how many we are eating as they do tend to have some detrimental effects on the gut!!!!  too many and the transit time approaches the speed of light...

I was fairly shattered and went to bed with lots of good intentions for today - The weather forecast is good for a couple of days so I would like to get some big washing jobs done.  Silly things like the shower curtain and the net curtains could all do with going through the machine before winter is upon us.  I also have shed loads of towels and all three beds could do with a change. Each time I do a set of bed linen I now feel very good and count the £15 it would have cost at the laundry as a saving.  Two beds equal a days shooting including petrol, cartridges and lunch.  I have seriously good skills at rationalising spending money!!!!!

Tomorrow Jane is coming and boy is she needed the place is a complete pig sty - Mark the gardener is also back from his holiday and we could use his services in the garden with the lawn and weeds which are growing like topsy now with all the rain.  On Thursday I am off to the eye hospital to get my eye seen by the consultant and hopefully a date for fixing the problem, then on Friday two of my three brothers in law are due to have surgery on knees and hernias respectively.  It looks like it might be a pretty busy week one way and another.   
Today I am going to make a fresh tomato lasagne the recipe for which I have pinched from a fellow blogger Don Hogeland, also known as "Sortachef",  who just posted an especially nice version of lasagna, a kind of caprese style, with fresh, uncooked tomatoes and mozzarella.  I hope the link works as I have cut and pasted it from the original.  
Have fun and enjoy the high pressure that is coming our way!!!!!! 
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