Wednesday and bin day

Washing fox poo off the dogs as you can see Basso has suffered no ill effects from his stupidity..... while we were out walking yesterday both the small terriers decided to roll in fox poo so before we put them into the car for the ride home I had to wash them off in the only bit of water available. Once I got them home it was a proper bath to get ride of the smell. I can only thank my lucky stars that it was the Nip and Tuc who rolled and not Basso. The photo is taken as a still shot from the full length feature film that Jackie shot with the Flip camera. On the way home we bought a large punnet of the blackest and sweetest cherries ever which we have been steadily munching our way through. It was a very hot and sultry day yesterday with the odd shower but even the rain did nothing for the sticky feel of the day. We managed to get the salmon smoked early in the morning before the rain started and it is now hanging to dry off.
For lunch we had the cold Sirloin which I had thinly sliced with the machine which is so much easier than trying to cut it by hand. I am not the worlds best carver of meat. We had it with mixed salad including the first of my cucumbers which are a round yellow variety called crystal apple. For dinner I did the veal chops with a cream and mushroom sauce served with a spring cabbage and French beans and peas from the garden. The ambassador cake with all those pealed grapes was a great success and there is enough left for a portion with a cup of tea this afternoon.

Today we are going shooting - it will be the first time since I have had my eye problems and I am hoping that it may have made a bit of difference to my score but we will have to wait and see. I was intending to have a lesson to start with and get my eyes rechecked in case there had been a change in the eye dominance. However, David seldom gets the chance to shoot so it will be nice for him to have round and he will be gently with me if I am not on good form. We are going to have lunch at the club which will save me one meal. Jackie doesn't want to shoot but is willing to do all the button pushing and scoring.

My iPad proved a great success and I hardly got a look in yesterday as it was always in the hands of others. Unlike a computer it is impossible for novices to ruin it in any way so both Jackie and David were keen to have a go with all the facilities available. I had downloaded a Sadoku game which Jackie has a passion for David had a go on all the other games. We retired relatively early and I must admit I was shattered. The previous evening when we went to bed rather late there was some sort of party going on a few doors up the road. I had seen large gaggles of teenagers making their way there in the early evening. The noise when I went to bed was quite considerable - it was not music but shouting and screaming!! Apparently we were so tired that we slept through 3 police visits, one with sirens, which went on through until about 3 in the morning. David and Jackie were sleeping in the front of the house with the windows open and missed it all.....Fortunately we are not often treated to such excitement!!!!!

Well that about it for this morning I am off to get the bins out and then start unloading the dish washer and start laying the breakfast table. The weather looks perfect for shooting bright and sunny with a hint of a breeze and not a cloud to be seen......

recipe for cake


¼ lb chocolate

3½ oz icing sugar

3 tbsp double cream

2 oz peeled grapes peeled and pipped

3 tbsp Kirsch

2 tbsp water

3½ oz unsalted butter

3½ oz Rich tea biscuits crumbled

2 eggs

1. Soak biscuits in Kirsch

2. Melt chocolate with the water

3. Add the butter slowly stirring continuously

4. Stir in egg yolks

5. Stir in sugar

6. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites

7. Add grapes and cream

8. Put in to loose bottom, lined tin to set

9. Turn out, decorate with cream and and more peeled grapes!!!!!

Serve with a splash of cold pouring cream. It is very rich and needs the grapes to cut through the richness.


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