Wednesday and bin day

This is a photo from the Spinone web site of Basso, Mike and I facing the the trainer before we made chumps of ourselves.
Well, yesterday was a good day Jane arrived at 9am and between the two of us we gave the dining-room a bit of a blitz. I stripped out the welsh dresser and all the china and glass was given a good wash. It is quite amazing how grubby it all gets. I got most of the slobber off the walls but the ceiling will have to wait until we repaint which I feel is a job that needs doing sooner rather than later. I had a bit of potato salad left and so added a few hard boiled eggs and tomatoes to it and made a general salad for lunch. For dinner I treated myself to some real fried chicken which was egg and bread crumbed with panko crumbs so it was amazingly crisp. This was had with some tender stem broccoli as a nod to healthy eating!!!!
The eye is doing well and I managed to get the assorted eye drops administered as prescribed. I am not good at doing eye drops to myself; it is much easier if someone else puts them in. However, by the time we get to the end of the month I think I will be quite expert. I spent quite some time with the computer yesterday organising files and converting various films from AVI format to MP4 so that they will download to my iPad.
Today, Len and Margaret are bringing Nip and Tuc back from their holiday and I have decided to make some Cullen skink for lunch. The haddock is already poached in milk so all I need to do is to sweat off an onion and then add some stock and potatoes and we are finished. A wedge of crusty bread and a swirl of crème fraiche with chives should see the job done.
The weather today looks over cast but at least it is relatively cool and the rain has done the garden a power of good. The lawn is still fairly brown but at least that means we don't have to cut it for a while. It is easy to forget to water the green house when it is raining so that is one of my first chores this morning. I have an assortment of Japanese vegetables in pots which really should be planted out but I think that would be too much bending forward for the eye so they will have to wait a bit longer.
Well that's about it for this morning - I hear the ironing calling me!!!!!
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