Wednesday and bin day

The garden looks nice and tidy after Marks visit yesterday. We had an interesting day yesterday as the post delivered some asparagus crowns which can be grown in Eco bags so that was an added job that I really didn't need. However, they are now planted behind the green house and all we need to do is wait for 3 years before we have edible spears, well that's the theory anyway!!! The postman brough something else that I had ordered which is a Flip camcorder. Mike was so taken by the simple operation and tiny size of the camera that we used at the dog show that he really fancied one. He never usually fancies anything so I acted promptly and low and behold it arrived in time for our holiday. It is one of the most simple bits of kit I have ever seen and totally idiot proof and best of all the size of a mobile phone so it fits in a pocket. The quality is lovely and it makes its own adjustments for the light conditions. I could really sell these things!!!!
Anyway this morning is a busy one as I have packed nothing as yet - still you really don't need much for 5 days in the woods. I gave all the vegetables a good water last night and the green house had a soaking so hopefully they will be alright until we get back. This morning I will clean out the hens which takes all of 5 minutes so they are pristine for Sue to look after. Then it is on with packing up the dogs things. Nip and Tuc have folding traveling crates which they take with them as well as food, plates, whistle, poo bags, leads and beds and of course a bag of treats. I did three massive loads of washing yesterday and fortunately most of it is non iron so I only have a few bits to do this morning. I would hate to come home to a pile of ironing so I will crack it off and get rid of it. I gave the house a bit of a birthday and changed the sheets so it is not too bad to come home to.
Well that about it time I acutally got on with the jobs instead of writing about them. You may not here from me until Sunday/Monday unless I manage to get a signal somewhere and can post using the iPad. Have a good few days all and enjoy the good weather.
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