Good morning from a very damp but clear and very brightly coloured Kent. This morning was the grand unveiling of the new eye and my vision is crystal clear but very colourful, the extremely grey sky looks quite blue with my new lens. Now I am going to put you in the picture of how things went so that if you every find yourself facing the prospect you will have some information on what to expect. I arrived at the allotted time of 8.30 am and was quickly ushered into a cubicle with a nice comfy chair. My details were checked and a nice big arrow drawn on my forehead marking the eye to be operated on. I then had eye drops instilled at 5 minute intervals starting with the pupil dilating ones then followed by the anaesthetic ones. I was then collected in a wheel chair and ushered into the theatre and laid on the table which had nice soft cushions. My eye was cleaned with Betadine which was a bit disconcerting as iodine in the eye would normally sting like hell but this time no pain. The eye was draped which also covered the other eye so I could no longer see anything. I was then asked to stare into the light of the microscope which was kind of like staring at the sun - very bright - you instinctively want to blink or look away but this is not allowed. All that I could feel was some gentle pushing and then it was all over the dressing was applied and a plastic shield and I was back in the wheelchair and off to my comfy chair again in approximately 20 minutes. Once settled I was brought a cup of coffee and a couple of chocolate chip cookies. The the nurse came and discharged me and gave me the run through of the regimen for the eye drops and the dos and don'ts. Now here is the good news NO HOOVERING, BED STRIPPING, DIGGING IN THE GARDEN, EMPTYING/LOADING THE DISH WASHER and sadly the bungee jumping and para gliding are also off limits . But I can drive as soon as I feel confident to so. All in all it was an extremely good experience. This morning I was able to take the patch off the eye and all seems to be very nice and functional apart from a slight colour cast and a bit glarey round the edges. If every you find yourself needing to have a cataract removed don't hesitate it is an absolute doddle.
Well that all said I was very touched at the number of phone calls that I received from all my friends and family who rang to enquire how I was and how things had gone. I was back home by 11.30 just in time to cook the lunch of veal chops with white wine cream and mushrooms. Very yummy but no good for the figure.
Today I plan to take it easy as Jane is coming so the hoovering will get done and the beds changed. I have made some potato salad with added hard boiled eggs which will do for lunch and dinner will have to wait until I can decide what to have. Tomorrow Nip and Tuc are being delivered back to us and I am making some Cullen skink [smoked haddock soup] for lunch as my dog sitters are off dancing in the afternoon and want just a light lunch. The on Thursday Jeff and his wife are coming down to visit so I will need to throw together another light lunch so perhaps a quiche or a tortilla or maybe some ham and salad will do for that. Well that's about it for this morning thanks for all the good wishes I am very grateful it is so nice to know that people are thinking of you.......


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