Tuesday morning

The daily bounty from my hens. As a general rule they each lay an egg per day with odd days when there are only 3. At this point they are threatened with the stock pot which seems to do the trick.

My preparations for yesterday went well and Mark did a wonderful job of the garden making it look tidy and cared for, which is what I wanted. My guests didn't arrive until 8.30 which meant it was a good job that supper was only 12 minutes in the oven and then served. We have had some rain over night so everything looks fresh and clean and it feels a little less sultry this morning.

Basso made a big mistake yesterday, while I was caring the salmon from the garage to the kitchen a large chunk of the curing mixture [salt sugar and pepper] fell to the floor - I told him not to eat it but he knew best and munched it down before I could do a thing about it. Well within 5 minutes he got his comeuppance. He was mortally "tom and dick" and continued to vomit for about an hour. Then spent the rest of the day drinking buckets of water and feeling very sorry for himself. He has, I'm glad to say come through this trauma with no ill effects. Perhaps next time I tell him to leave something he will listen!!!!

My plan for today is to do breakfast for the guests and then make a start on constructing the addition to the smoker and I will try to get the salmon in and done by the time it rains which has been forecast for around lunch time. I am intending to do a simple lunch of sliced sirloin of beef with salad and my preserved vegetables and crusty bread then for supper I am doing veal chops in white wine cream and mushrooms with mash and assorted vegetables - then the dreaded calorific ambassador cake.

If we have any time I know that Jackie and David would love to play with my iPad a demonstration of which was given last night. It is such an indestructible toy that there should be no problems with them playing with it.

Ok now I need to go and make a start on empting the dish washer ready to start a new day. Have a good day all no matter what the weather and welcome back Anne I missed you.....

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