Tuesday morning

Yesterday was a nice quiet day sorting out the bits and pieces before we go on our holiday. This morning I will get the washing all sorted not that we need much for a 5 day break. I pack things that I have brought back from the van for washing into a basket and that way it is always read to go straight back. Which means that all I have to do is pack a few clothes for us and empty the fridge of anything that might spoil. We tend to shop once we have arrived so other than a bit of milk for tea and some bits for breakfast that is all the food I take. The van has a supply of tinned food for emergency and the basics like salt a pepper oil and vinegar. It takes me longer to pack for the dogs than it does for us.
The flip camera I ordered for Mike is on route according to Amazon but as it is coming Royal Mail who knows when it will arrive. I spent some time yesterday checking to see if I could convert the out put film to mp4 so that it can be down loaded to the ipad. All seems possible if a bit of a faff. I will try to do my blog from the camp site but I am not hopeful as it is a terrible area for mobile reception and even the phones struggle so unless I get into town and find a Wi-fi site or buy a days 3G I don't think it will be worth even trying. It is very rural and there are no MacDonald or Starbucks to use.
We had some nice lamb chops for lunch and loads of vegetables that needed using up and for supper I did the Ina Garten scallops gratin which we had with crusty bread. Today for lunch I have a shepherds pie that I found in the freezer and for dinner I am going to make some beef burgers some of which we can eat the rest can be frozen.
Mark the gardener is due to come this morning and he arrives early at about 8am so I need to get out and do the dog poo before he arrives. At least the temperature has dropped back significantly and it is very pleasant in the garden but we do desperately need some rain. Jane who usually comes on a Tuesday has a school sports day to attend so it will be down to me to give the house a quick birthday so that it is not in a tip when we return.
Basso was in a state of collapse yesterday and spent most of the day sleeping after his ordeal. I think I might give the Richmond show a go as it has a proper spinone class with a spinone judge and if he doesn't show well then we will give it up and concentrate on his hunting skills. I was a bit depressed when one of the owners told me that it would take two and half years before I was noticed in the show ring and there was me thinking it was the dog that was on show!!!!! I really don't know why I am doing it...
Anyway time to go and make a start have good day all......


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