Tuesday 20th July

Tree lily is in bloom thought the photo doesn't show it this lily is over a meter tall. They look particularly stunning against the dark foliage of the sambucus nigra [black elder]. The rest of the garden is now suffering again from the lack of water and the very hot weather. Yesterday was up in the high 20's and it is still 20 degrees this morning at 5 am so we are in for another hot one. I find that the hot weather really saps my energy and leaves me feeling very lethargic.
This morning Terry is coming round to have a look at my bees so I will be taking a Piriton first thing which will make me even more sleepy. Jane is due this morning also and with me running at half capacity she will have plenty to do.

I was very sad to read in the local press that the council are withdrawing the free swimming for old farts which has been such a god send. Oh well, I guess we all have to make sacrifices. I was just about to start going again once the eye is 100% and now that my back is cured. I suppose that I could buy a season ticket but some how I would feel obliged to swim for longer to get my moneys worth.

Having my hair cut yesterday morning made a big difference it is so much cooler without the thatch and it dries almost instantly when I get out of the shower. I made some pickled beetroot yesterday which is now bottled and sitting under its layer of olive oil. Today, I am hoping to do the same with some peppers and some aubergines. They last for months and make a nice accompaniment to cold meats. I will also make some onions in balsamic vinegar and sugar which are delicious. I am also in the process of making some insecticide to deal with the black fly that are attacking my runner beans. I have to be careful with the bees that I don't use anything too noxious. It is also important to spray in the evening after the bees have gone to bed so that it is all dry by the morning.

Now on to food yesterday we had an omelet with chorizo and a hard goats cheese for lunch and then we had fried chicken in bread crumbs and salad for supper. Today I will do something with some mince but quite what I haven't decided. Either burgers, meat balls or bolognese, it is a bit hot for cottage pie.

Today my eldest son is 40 years old - I can hardly believe it. Where have the 40 years gone? Sadly he lives in Thailand so I will not be seeing him but I have sent e mail congratulations. I suppose we are lucky there must have been many mothers who watched their children leave for foreign shores never to hear from them again.

Well on that pensive note I am off to start my days chores!!!!!

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