Yesterday was quite a busy one Nip and Tuc were returned home from their holiday with Len and Margaret. They seemed in fine fettle and pleased to be home again I think Basso was pleased to see them too as it had been a bit lonely for him for the last couple of days. Margaret was keen to have a look at the local tennis club which is half way down our road and to all intents and purposes you would never know it was there. It is approached by what looks like a drive way to a block of garages but then it opens out into a lovely walled area with three grass courts which are surrounded by the back gardens of the houses. They play on Wednesday evenings and both Saturday and Sunday lunch time. Margaret used to be a keen tennis player but hasn't played for a while due to some health problems but she is now much fitter and keen to start playing again. Once this mission was completed we had our lunch of soup and bread and fortunately there was one portion left. Just as we were finishing Elaine turned up with the bunch of flowers in the photo. She had been in touch by phone since my surgery but felt she needed to see for herself that I was a well as I was reporting. She is such a sweet girl - anyway she had had no lunch so the extra portion was most welcome. Margaret and Len left promptly at 1pm as they were due to go dancing that afternoon I on the other hand crashed out for a sleep as I was feeling particularly tired.
Today my brother in law and his wife are coming for lunch and I am going to make the scallop gratin dish which has proved so successful in the past. I will serve it with a green salad and crusty bread and follow it with some creamy rice pudding with a garden fruit compote. The fruit consists of ruby dessert gooseberries, blackberries and raspberries which are all ripe at the moment.
The weather today looks pretty miserable and autumnal with hight winds and rain but I, for one, am not complaining as it means the garden will at last get enough water to green it up and I will not be anxious to get out and do some work which is forbidden at the moment. I still have some ironing to keep me amused and I can occupy myself with my new toys. The iPad and the Flip camera which are actually not very compatible so it take a bit of fiddling to get things from one to the other. It is the usual problems of Apple versus Windows I just wish they would learn to play nicely together!!!!!
Well that your lot for this morning hope you are all enjoying the summer such as it is!!!!!


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