Thusday morning and marginally cooler

A pretty unflattering photo taken at the dog training day.
Well yesterday was a day of gradual winding down people got up in dribs and drabs and though offered breakfast there were no takers so it was just buckets of hot coffee. Then Shiona and her two dogs packed up and left and James also left to go and visit his friends down near Dover. Mike and I just fiddled around tidying up and organising - my current router [Belkin] is a real trial and keeps dropping out so I am constantly having to reboot it. I therefore rang my supplier which happens to be Virgin and asked if I could have one of theirs. The cost would have been £50 but they have a special deal if I up grade my supply to 20mg I can have the router for free and the upgrade only costs and extra £5 for the first 6 months. So if I remember to cancel the upgrade, which I don't need, in a couple of months I will have got the router very cheap. I am hoping that this will solve the problem. This morning I have a pile of ironing which I need to get done before the heat starts to build.
According to the weather forecast we are due to get some much needed rain either tomorrow or Saturday and this should bring the temperature down for Sunday and the dog show. I have planned a picnic lunch for Sunday and I need to get organised with a dinner for Friday as Shiona and her brood are returning. I think I will make a Spanish tortilla with prawns mayonnaise and a salad. Today Mike has asked for a quiche and as I have mushrooms and bacon going begging not to mention some double cream that should be easy to accomplish. Yesterday while fiddling I made some bottled beetroot from the recipe in the new Giorgio Locatarelli book. These should last 3 months in the fridge - not that they stand a chance of being there that long. You can also do artichokes, mushrooms, aubergines and onions in the same way.
I was pleased to pick the first of the sweet peas yesterday and at the moment there are very few but I know that if I don't keep picking them they will stop flowering. When I have a decent vase full I will take a photo. Most of the geraniums have gone to seed and need cutting back which will give them another chance to flower so that is one job I could do today.
Well that is just about it for today the weather looks pretty overcast today so maybe the rain is on the way.


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