Thursday and sunny and warm

David is cleaning my gun after a lovely mornings shooting. We had set off at about 10.15 to get to the club by opening time of 10.30 and were surprised to see it very crowded. However we managed our round in about an hour and half which is quite good for a busy day. I was delighted with my shooting and managed a 9/10 on the first stand things went a bit down hill after that but it was generally a good round and I ended up with a respectable score only 10 behind David. We decided to have a burger at the van for lunch - when I say burger that is not only a burger but onions bacon cheese and egg as well and all for the paltry sum of £3. Once we got home we had desert in the form of the remaining Ambassador cake and cups of tea before David and Jackie made their way home to Ketton. Sadly it took them two and half hours as there was some sort of hold up on the M2.
I then took myself to bed and slept like the dead. I love having visitors but it is very tiring so today I am going to play quietly in the kitchen sorting out the left overs and using up the bits and pieces. I had made some smoked salmon pate which we had on toast for supper last night and today I am intending to make a smoked salmon kedgeree. I also have a load of courgettes to use up so I think I will make a batch of pancakes with them which I can put in the freezer. My French beans in the garden need picking so they will accompany what ever we have. I thought I might also try preserving them as with other vegetables cooked in white wine and white wine vinegar then sunk under light olive oil.
As the weather is looking so gorgeous I would also like to get out with the dogs. My neighbour who works in B&Q gave us a money off coupon so I am going to have a look and see if they have any plants in the vegetable department as I now have a free bed since I pulled up the garlic. I'm not sure how much of this I will accomplish as I don't intend to push myself.
Anyway enjoy the good weather if you have the chance!!!!!
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