These are a photos taken as a snap shot from a piece of video I took while out walking yesterday. I am at last beginning to get the hang of all this new tech. Sadly on the way back the tide had gone out and Basso decided to go in search of the water. He was covered in mud up to his elbows so when we got home I took him straight into the garden and did my stuff with the hose and got him all clean. I then went into the kitchen to start the lunch but noticed when he came in from the garden he was black again!!!! The little darling had been and had a dig in one of the flower beds and was again filthy. At this point I banged him up in his crate to dry off - he was totally un-phased and just went to sleep!!!!
I also had a go in the garden between the showers and finally managed to plant out the Japanese vegetables that my neighbour had given me some time ago. Now I must remember to keep them well watered if they are to survive. The ground is as dry as a biscuit despite all the rain we had recently. I also spent an hour dead heading the roses and cutting back the daisies which have suffered through this dry snap. I must admit I feel so much better for having got these jobs done. The garden is looking very overgrown and needs some serious cutting back. The fruit is coming on well and I have a reasonable crop of blackberries and gooseberries but the autumn raspberries are not ready yet. The apricots are gradually reducing in number and I keep finding unripe fruit in various vegetable beds so I am thinking that the squirrels are to blame.
Today we are off to France for lunch then home via the supermarket and terminal shop. The dogs are staying at home and my neighbour is looking after them. We are picking our friends up at 8.30 so I will need to get myself showered and dressed early. I must admit to being very happy slopping around in my dressing gown for most of the morning. I often get my major work done before I go and get dressed!!!!! Just one more of the joys of being retired. I was hoping to have a good sleep but I was awake at 3.30 which is a bit early even for me so I know I am going to be shattered by the time we get back. Anyway at least the weather is looking good sunny but not too hot so that will suit us all fine.
Have a good day all lets hope we have a fine weekend for the workers!!!!

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