Sunday Windsor dog show

Today is the day we are off to the Windsor Dog Show, let's hope Basso is a good boy.
Yesterday was a more pleasant day with slightly less heat and a gentle breeze. The promised rain never happened so copious watering will be in order this evening. Shiona got off early to the hairdresser and we baby sat her dogs who were very happy just to lie about the place and sleep so it was hardly noticeable that we had 5 dogs in the house. I got out of the freezer one of the chicken curries that I had made some time ago which was fine for Mike and I for supper. For lunch we had the remains of the prawn tortilla and some salad followed by strawberries and cream. Once Shiona had left, at about 3pm, I took off to my bed for some much needed sleep. Mike had had a run to Tesco and bought some bits and pieces for lunch today as we have decided to take a picnic with us rather than buy food at the show. He also bought a copy of the Telegraph so that I could do the general knowledge crossword. It took quite a while as we had to look up several items and trawl through Google to get the answers. I feel a certain sense of satisfaction once it is finished. Sandi is due to arrive just before 7am by which time I will have made the packed lunch and prepared the dog who needs a serious grooming and his face washed. I intend to put the fridge in the the car so that we can at least keep our drinks cold. Well with all these preparations to complete in under 2 hours I had better get going - wish us luck for today - one thing is certain we will definitely be bringing the best dog home with us.

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