Sunday morning

Paddling or swimming in the Medway depending on the length of your legs!!!!

Yesterday was a fairly busy day but today is going to be even busier, my list of jobs has hardly subsided at all. At the moment it is still pitch dark outside but as soon as it gets light I want to get some water on the lawn. Then hopefully Mark will run his mower over it on Monday and it will look marginally better than it does at the moment. I want to get the outdoor jobs done early as it gets a bit warm in the sun. Next, I have to tackle the bedroom that my guests are having which means transferring Mike to the back room and stripping the bed and remaking it - not to mention a good dust and hoover as the little dogs usually sleep in there. Then I need to crack on with my cake making which once done can sit in the fridge out of the way. I have a nice piece of sirloin to roast for lunch but the bulk of it is destined to be pressed and served cold for Tuesday lunch.

Last night we had a bit of a disaster; Mike decided that he wanted to take advantage of the buy one get one free offer from Domino's pizza - big mistake!!!! Frankly the box was more appealing than the pizza. It came with some disgusting white stuff which had more in common with emulsion paint than any sauce I could think of. Well most of the pizza has been consigned to the dogs bowls and the chicken food so not exactly an economic idea. The delicious pork, mushroom, white wine and cream casserole that I had made was boxed up and put in the freezer for some other time. Like wise the broad beans with bacon and garlic. The dogs were more appreciative of my cookery and were thrilled with another liver cake which I made for them with lots of carrots and garlic in it. Most of this is in the freezer as it is very potent stuff and they only get small morsels as a treat.
I was delighted with my home grown garlic that had been pulled out of the ground about a week ago and was now dry enough to plait into strings and hang in the shed to keep us supplied through the winter. One bulb will be replanted in September to keep the supply going for next year. I also picked a reasonable amount of blackberries [cultivated] and some of the desert gooseberries which have been made into compote to serve with rice pudding. I also completed my array of bottled vegetables with some mushrooms so now I have a row of jars of jewels waiting to accompany my cold meats.

Well that about it time to start peeling grapes for my cake - yes I am quite mad as you have no doubt already realised........

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