Sunday and an experiment

I was going to take the camera with me while walking the dogs yesterday but I forgot it so I have just taken a few seconds of the garden as I let the dogs out. I am now having a go at uploading it and hope it turns out OK. I spent yesterday generally sorting out paper work and checking all the bank and credit card stuff. What a pain it all is having so many pin numbers memorable dates customer numbers etc... Anyway it is all done so that is one good job done. I then settled to doing the crossword puzzle which kept me out of mischief for some time. As you will see from the garden there are some daisies that desperately need cutting back but I am resisting the temptation to get out there and do the job. This is so frustrating!!!! For lunch we had a combination salad it started life as potato salad but then I added some extras in the form of hard boiled eggs and a tin of tuna and some olives, not satisfied with that I added tomatoes and cucumber - sounds like a total mess but actually it was rather delicious and all in one bowl so very easy for washing up.

OK first attempt to upload video failed so here we go again and see if we can get it up this time.
After lunch was done I was away to my bed for a rest - well actually I played with my iPad for ages down loading all sorts of crazy apps which I will no doubt dump in time but they are interesting for 5 minutes. I only down load the free apps at the moment until I find something I really want. I have an app that shows the aircraft traffic over the house and also the shipping traffic in the Medway as I say only interesting for about 5 minutes. It takes forever to upload video so I can't see me doing this very often especially as it is a matter of seconds of footage.
Well it looks like that too has failed - back to the drawing board!!!! This is proving more difficult that I thought I am now trying a different format. My first two attempts were with MP4 now I am trying AVI and we will see what happens. Well that's it still no good so we will have to settle for a snapshot taken from the video.

I think this is something I will have to practice and see if I can get it right - in the mean time have a good Sunday.

this might be the video on U Tube

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