Saturday morning

It is another weekend and now the kids are on holiday we tend to stay put and keep away from the crowds. Yesterday I spent hours trying to stabilise wobbly film with no real success I have come to the conclusion that it is beyond me. So then I completed the feeding of information into the E wallet that Anne recommended. It is a really good program but you do have to spend some time setting it up. We went through our box of documents and put all the serial numbers and contact detail on to the computer so now as it is synchronised to my iPad we have the information in many forms. Hopefully if we get burgled they will not get all the information and we can notify all the right people. It also makes it much easier to check the various accounts as all the passwords and user names are in one place.
It took me the best part of the morning to finish doing all the data loading so lunch was left overs from the previous day and dinner was a test run of a new take away Indian. The Indian food was not much good and took well over an hour to be delivered so they failed the initial test and their menu is going in the bin.
Len and Margaret had forgotten their mac's and left them in our car so I did a run to their house to deliver them and took the dogs with me for an outing. I was rewarded with a cup of tea and a nice slice of cake which Len had made from my recipe.
Today I need to get my act together and do some house work with guests arriving on Monday I will have some cooking to do so I had better get on with the house over the weekend. One of the problems of having white kitchen cupboards and a slobbery dog is that they do need cleaning regularly. I have no wonderful Jane this week as she is having a holiday. I will however be having Mark the gardener coming on Monday morning and the garden is in serious need of some tidying up. The poor old lawn looks dreadful with great dead patches and wispy long strands of grass that has gone to seed. I also need to make a start on the outdoor table which is in need of sanding down and re oiling but that is going to be quite a task. I have decided to leave the painting of the shed until next year, it looks a bit scruffy but not too bad. I am also expecting a fish delivery today of some salmon which I intend to smoke and also some frozen scallops which are to be gratinated for supper on Monday.
Well enough writing about it I am frightening myself with the length of the list of things to do so I had better just go and make a start.......

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