Saturday morning

This is the month for the hemerocallis to bloom and though they only last a day they are very beautiful.
Yesterday was a day of rest while the wind blew the garden to bits. My next door neighbour has put her whirly washing line in a heavy umbrella base which seems like a good idea but the wind yesterday threw the whole lot, washing and all, into her pond. So perhaps going to the trouble of digging a hole and making a concrete fixing is actually the way to go.
The dogs are settling back into their normal routine though I did have some discipline problems with Tuc who is normally the most mild mannered of dogs. He suddenly decided that he was the gate keeper of the dog flap and refused to let the other pass. Well I had a word in his ear about who is in charge and I hope that has solved the issue.
I am finding it really difficult not to do certain jobs there are plants which need planting and some that need cutting back all of which I am not supposed to do. I think I may have a potter today, remaining upright and tackle the bits I can without bending down. It has come as quite a shock to Mike to have to do the dishwasher and also to feed the hens. I haven't broken the news to him about cleaning them out yet!!!!
It is also a lovely day for walking the dogs so that will occupy some time and as I have a new flip camcorder I will have to see if I can get some good footage of them enjoying themselves. It is also the day for the Telegraph general knowledge crossword which take me a couple of hours to do a I frequently need to look up some of the more obscure clues. Thank heavens for Google and Wikipedia.
Anne your meal sounds really delicious and I absolutely love sweetbreads - I usually poach them them egg and bread crumb and fry. I like mutton too but found the only way to get it was to buy a whole sheep which I did but we had to eat mutton for quite a while before we got through it all.
I am currently planning to make some smoked salmon which I thought might be a nice occupation for us when my brother and sister in law come to visit. The are coming down on the evening of the 26th so if I have the fish ready cured then we can have some time with the smoker and get it all done on the 27th. Then we can slice and vac pack it for them to take home with them. I am also hoping to get a mornings shooting in - it will be the first time for ages and I will be keen to see how my new eye performs.
Well those are my plans for the day - if I succeed with the film I will see if it is possible to post it on this site tomorrow.......

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