Saturday morning and black overhead

Picture of the cones on my Korean fir tree - they are the deepest shade of purple. I spent some time watering the vegetables last evening but it looks like we could get some rain as the sky is looking very ominous. Yesterday was a killingly hot day and after a lunch of poached salmon new potatoes and salad James packed his bags and left for London. It was lovely to have him here for a few days and I think he managed to relax a little and get some sleep which he desperately needed. It was also nice to have an extra pair of hands with the general chores and to make the odd cup of tea.
I was pleased with my technical stuff and managed to download a program that converts DVD's to mp4 format which can then be transferred into itunes and from there to the ipad. I now have 7 films on the pad to watch at my leisure and James took the DVD's home to watch all in all an excellent solution. Still on a technical note the router arrived by courier in the early afternoon so I unpacked it and installed it and I am pleased to report that it has not tripped out once unlike the previous one which was forever dropping the connection.
Shiona and the dogs arrived around 4pm just in time to watch the Andy Murry lose his match. I was very pleased that I had made the tortilla early in the morning as it was so hot that none of us felt like doing anything. Shiona had brought some strawberries and cherries so we had a ready made desert. I then received a phone call from the hospital to say that my eye surgery is scheduled for Monday 11th of July - when I looked at the calendar I noticed that it is actually the 12th I am assuming that they don't operate on Sundays!!!!! Anyway the appointment should arrive in writing so I hope they get it correct. It means that we will be coming home from our holiday a couple of days early but that shouldn't be a problem. I will be very pleased just to get the surgery over with and get back to decent vision and shooting!!!!
Shiona is off to the hair dresser at 9 this morning and will be back at lunch time so we will finish off the tortilla and strawberries then. Her two little dogs seem quite at home here and get on very well with my three.
This evening I will need to make preparations for the dog show tomorrow - Basso will need a good groom and have his beard washed - I am also preparing a packed lunch for us as the food at dog shows is always rather expensive. Sandi is due to arrive at around 7 am and we will then set off for Windsor. I will put the fridge in the car as I think we could be in for another hot one. I then have Monday and Tuesday to prepare for the holiday and sort out the bees as we will be leaving bright and early on Wednesday morning to drop the two small dogs off at Len and Margaret's before driving on up to Suffolk.
Well that is about all my news for the moment still no sign of the rain which is so desperately needed but I am still hopeful.

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