Saturday and the end of another month

Blueberries netted to keep the birds off. I have three blueberry plants all of which have to be grown in pots as my soil is alkaline and they like it acid however they seem to be quite happy and are producing lots of fruit. The weather this morning is looking pretty grey and overcast and we did have some rain during the night. Not really enough to do much good but certainly enough to wet the washing which was left of the line. Of course the things I had left on the line were those heavier items which were still damp so now they are pretty wet however it is not worth taking them in to re spin so they can take their chances on the line and will hopefully be dry by the end of the day.
I picked the last of the gooseberries and made a gooseberry fool with the left over cream which we had for lunch. For supper we had pasta and home made pesto then some cold smoked chicken and French bean salad. I always buy a smoked chicken in France as they are very delicious and not to expensive. I suppose I should really make my own when I have the smoker out doing salmon. I will have to investigate how long they need to brined for before smoking.
The dogs had a good run in the woods which was very pleasant for me as it was cool and shady. I then paid a visit to my Japanese friend and we exchanged gifts I gave her one of my crystal apple cucumbers which look more like apples than cucumbers and she gave me a pot of plants of some very strange leaves that are used for sushi - the look like purple stinging nettles. We had a walk round her garden which is now looking amazing she has every square inch planted with exotic as well as standard vegetables. The fence posts are draped with strawberries in pouches and she has a good assortment of courgettes and squashes. It is so nice to see people having a go at growing things. My next door neighbour who is a complete novice at gardening has some lovely sweet corn and some very successful carrots. Personally I have had a pretty poor year as due to back problems everything went in very late but who knows I may have a very productive autumn.
On Monday night we had a bit of excitement in the the road as one of my neighbours 17 year old had a party which got completely out of hand and the police were apparently called several times before the kids were dispersed at around 4am. Needless to say I slept through the lot as did my guests who were sleeping in the front of the house. Anyway, last evening a very contrite little girl was standing on my doorstep apologising for the fracas. I accepted her apology and told her that we had in fact not been disturbed. I then rang her mother, who had sent her on her errand, and congratulated her. It took a lot of bottle to go round the road apologising to all the neighbours, so all credit to her. I guess it will be a while before the parents leave her on her own again and I hope that their house didn't get trashed. Oh the joys of teenage children!!!!!! I am very glad I am past that stage of my life. At least dogs don't organise parties while you are away they just dig holes in your lawn!!!!! and eat your mobile phones....

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