Monday morning

Well after yesterdays pantomime I am sticking to photos. However if I get some decent footage of Basso in full flight I will post it with the link. Now first I have to thank Anne for putting me on to eWallet. It seems to be a great program but boy am I going to have some fun loading all the information on to it however I guess once it is done that is it. Currently I am running the free for 30 days version on my desk top but purchased the app for the iPad and after a bit of jiggery pokery the two are talking to one another. Some time ago I made little note pads with all our essential information like bank addresses and phone numbers and insurance details. I keep one in the car and one in the caravan and most of it is on my mobile phone so I should always have the right information no matter where I am. However, now that so much is done on line there are all the passwords and pin numbers to remember as well.
It is good that I have this to occupy me as it prevents me from doing things I shouldn't however I must confess to chopping back the daisy which was encroaching on the path as I couldn't stand it moment longer. I am now one week post op and the eye is doing fine but I do need sunglasses in very bright sunshine and I have another three weeks of steroid eye drops and a follow up appointment before it is all over.

Today I am off to the hairdresser at 9 am for a cut and blow dry which is well over due - my hair is driving me demented as it is hanging like wet lettuce. I am hoping that Terry might come some time today and have a look at my bees but I may well have to ring him and remind him.
We are trying an experiment to see if we can stop Mike getting cramp in the night - he is drinking a small tin of tonic water each evening which contains quinine and may have the desired effect. It is early days yet and we will have to wait and see if it has the desired effect. When I was a child in Nigeria we used to have to take quinine as an anti malarial and it must be one of the bitterest things known to man. My sister who was born in Africa always had it in her orange juice and the first time she tried normal orange juice she spat it out because it tasted strange!!!!! It's amazing what you can get used to!!!!

Joy was commenting on the fact that the mornings are getting darker - I too have noticed that the sun is rising later. We are in for a very hot day today if the weather forecast is to be believed but at least that garden is still damp from all the rain so it doesn't need watering. The only watering I have to do is the greenhouse. We usually put a timer on to water it but this year we didn't get the pipe laid in time so I am watering by hand. The garlic that I planted in September last year is now fully developed and looking very good so the bulbs have been pulled and are laying on the brick work to dry before stringing up. I will keep a couple of bulbs to replant for next year as it seems like a very good variety.
Well that's about it for this morning I need to get going if I am to be ready for the hairdresser at 9am. Have a good one all.......


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