Monday morning

Basso and some of his friends have a beach party.

Well what a few day we have had!!! The weather has been wonderful if a little on the hot side. As you can imagine a caravan can build up quite some heat sat out in the sun for 12 hours. The Labrador party weekend was great fun and we all gathered around for a fish and chip supper on the Friday night. There must have been at least 40 dogs and not a single problem among them. We had spent some time at the beach on Friday morning as the dogs were all getting a bit hot. There is nothing like a dip in the sea to cool you down!!! The site which had been all but empty was suddenly full to capacity with kids on bikes and dogs of all shapes and sizes every imaginable shape of tent or make of caravan. Saturday was much the same with swimming expeditions and shopping for the barbecue that evening. The food cost £5 per head and there was enough for an army. We all ate our fill and the even the dogs were factored in with extra sausages. Needless to say Basso claimed that we never fed him and had 2 chicken kebabs, 2 lamb kebabs and 2 spicy lamb kebabs not to mention some poached salmon and countless sausages. He was so tired when we went back to the caravan that he refused his pit stop walk and threw himself into his bed. I was up at 5 on Sunday morning but he refused to get out of bed until 7.30 when nature called. He has been asleep on an off ever since.
We dropped the van back at the storage farm at about 10 am as it was already getting very hot and made our way home via the super butcher where I bought some wonderful veal chops and a couple of sirloin steaks which we had for supper. The journey back was uneventful with the exception of a five mile tail back to the Dartford crossing. They really do need to do something about the money collection as that is what causes the hold up. Anyway we eventually arrive home at about 1.30 and unpacked the car and got the washing machine on. I am pleased to say that I got everything washed and dried by the time the football started. I settled down to watch the match but only got as far as half time when I fell sound asleep.
I did a perfunctory pass round the garden with the hose as it was looking a little sad but you will be pleased to know that it is now raining. I am off at 8.30 to be poked in the eye with a sharp stick and I will let you know how I get on tomorrow morning. Until then enjoy the rain!!!!!!

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