Monday morning

Basso gets the once over!!!
Well what a day, we made good time in getting to Windsor and parked the car with little trouble close to the entry gate. In the program there was a bench number and we had to make our way to the tent where the benches were situated and find our entry number which is then pinned on to your clothes for the judges to see. Then came the long wait nearly 3 hours while the large Munsterlanders were judged. We had secured ring side seats in the shade but to our surprise there was a force nine gale blowing and we actually got cold. Anyway to cut a very long story short after all that Basso was VHC [ very highly commended] so not placed. At which point I breathed a sigh of relief and we decided that showing was not for us. However, the group of Spinone owners next to us were appalled and told us to pay no attention to the result as the judge was a general judge and didn't know the breed. They were all in agreement that we should persevere as Basso was a lovely dog and should do well with a decent judge. Now I am back in a cleft stick and don't know what to do. Do I continue or do I give up and concentrate on his working skills. Well I guess I will have to mull it around for a while and try to come to a decision. We made our way back to the car and got stuck into our sandwiches as we were all starving by then. Basso was in need of some water and he had half a packet of frankfurters which are his very favourite. The lady in the car next door also gave him some liver cake which he accepted gratefully. We left Basso and Mike in the car and Sandi and I went for a trawl around the trade stands - You cannot believe how much stuff there is available and I swear there are more makes of dog shampoo than human!!! Anyway we were very restrained and just bought and shared some magic dog drying towels and slobber cloths. The were on a two for one offer so it made sense to share them. Then it was off back home just in time to see Nadal put the final point to his win as we downed buckets of hot tea. We were all completely bushed, dog included, so it was an early supper and early to bed.
Today the weather looks lovely the temperature is down a bit so it is not so hot and there is a gentle breeze blowing. I now have to move into holiday gear as we are due to leave on Wednesday morning and I need to make sure we have clean clothes and some basic food to take with us. The two small dogs are going to Len and Margaret so they will need their things sorted out and food for their stay. I would also like to get a look at the bees before we leave and make sure all is going well with them. The hens I will clean out on Wednesday morning so that they will not need doing while we are away. It is just a case of food and water every couple of days.
I was too tired to water last night so that is my first job this morning - have a good one everyone
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