Monday morning and late for me

I woke early this morning at 4 but decided I needed more sleep and so just turned over and went back to sleep. This is something I don't normally do as I usually end up with the mother and father of all head aches so fingers crossed this doesn't happen today.

I motored through my list of jobs yesterday and was very happy when I got to the end of the list.
My visitors are coming late this evening so I have another day of jobs ahead of me. I stripped out and aired their room but today it needs making up ready for them. The weather was a bit strange with a morning of rain well I say rain but it was more a sort of misty drizzle and it is doing the same this morning. However, come lunch time, it was dry sunny and hot so my washing was all dry by the late afternoon. My first job this morning is to take the salmon out of its cure and rinse it off then put it to dry for 24 hours prior to smoking. Then I need to get the garden free of dog poo before Mark arrives. He has a super blower which he uses instead of a broom and it leaves the garden looking very tidy. In the photo you can see a pink hydrangea which when I bought it last year was white. I know that they change form pink to blue depending on the soil chemistry but I was surprised to see this one change form white to pink!!!

I made my cake with the peeled grapes so today it will need turning out and decorating with more peeled grapes - utter madness but a very nice cake. It is one that my mother used to make and I can remember being given the job of peeling the grapes so it has fond memories for me. The scallops we will be having for supper are very easy to prepare and cook and the desert is almost finished so not much to do there. The major task is to run the hoover round the house and clean the bathrooms and toilets. Mike will hit Tesco for the last minute bits and pieces and some salad stuff and crusty bread. So I think I may have time to give the dogs a bit of a run as they are going stir crazy at the moment. Oh and I nearly forgot the kitchen needs a good wipe down and the floor needs a wash. So onward and upward and away we go........

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