France in the sun shine. We had a really nice day yesterday we left home at about 8.15 and made our to collect our friends then on down to the terminal at Folkstone. The self check in is now very sophisticated and as we drove up the machine greeted us by name. It is all done by the numberplate recognition system. Then it was on to the train for the 35 minutes across the channel. We arrived in Calais to a deluge but it was just a passing shower and by the time we had made our way to the restaurant it was brilliant sunshine. We had a long leisurely lunch including starters of fish soup, pate, and scallops and followed with main courses of pork chop, boeuf bourguignon and racks of lamb deserts included chocolate mousse assorted ice creams and crème caramel. Nothing terribly exciting but all well cooked and very pleasing. We then made our way to the shopping centre at "cite Europe" which was very quiet with acres of space in the car parks and the shopping mall all but deserted. The Tesco wine shop was having a strike so that was closed but Carrefour was OK sadly it has gone very much down hill since our last visit. The wine department has been reduced by two thirds however we managed to get everything that was on our list and while we saved some money it was not the great saving of the past. The fish counter was rather sad with nothing very exciting. I trundled around the meat department and managed to get some bits and pieces which included some veal osso bucco, a couple of veal kidneys and a veal tongue and a smoked chicken - all of which are hard to come by in the UK. Shopping over with the exception of the perfume shop for a bottle of Mademoiselle Coco for me and a bottle of Eau Sauvage for Mike we made our way to the terminal where I made the biggest saving £170 on some cigarettes. Then a quick flip back across the channel to be home by 4pm only to find that poor Sue had had a bit of a drama with the dogs. A parcel was delivered in the morning and there then ensued a big fight between the two terriers. When she came in to see what was happening one of them was covered in blood. On closer inspection it was a small cut above his eye and the other one had a bite on his leg. She split them up for a while to let them settle down after which there was peace and harmony. I think with the pack leader [me] out for the day there was a some discussion as to who was in charge!!!! Basso in his usual way stayed out of it and just looked on in disbelief.....He had however made vigorous attempts to remake Mikes bed and all the pillows and duvet were piled up in the middle of the bed.
After unloading the car we had a nice cup of tea which was very much needed by then, I then took Margaret and Len home and helped them unload their purchased. Mike had put all the meat in the freezer and tidied a bit by the time I got home. Dinner was a lump of bread and some pate then I was off to bed absolutely exhausted after my early start. My eye was aching from so much strong light despite my sun glasses so I put myself to bed and was asleep by 8.30.
The house looks like a bomb has hit it so I guess today will be down to tidying up and sorting out the mess. There are boxes and bottles scattered far and wide and the attachment for my smoker which has been unpacked is in pieces all over the dining table. Anyway a quiet day pottering should sort it all out and restore some order.......


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