Out walking down by the estuary generally early in the morning as it gets too hot quite quickly.
Yesterday being the first of the month we started the day with our monthly chores. All three dogs get some "Thornit" powder in their ears which helps to ward off problems with ear mites. then the meters were read and the numbers pumped down the wires to the supply company. I too keep a tally on a spread sheet so that I can work out a rough figure of the price per unit of both the gas and the electric. Trying to work it out from the bills is just to complicated so I just write down the number of units used and the price paid and divide one by the other. It is also interesting to see what is happening to our consumption of both. I am hoping that the A rated oven is going to make some difference as it should be much more efficient. That done I cracked off the ironing while it was still cool and then moved on to making a quiche for supper. It was one way of using up various odds and ends that were lurking in the fridge. Some dying mushrooms, a piece of mousetrap cheese, some bacon oddments and the left over cream - with the addition of a couple of eggs the filling was made. My box of vegetables also contain a kohlrabi which is a vegetable I am fairly unfamiliar with. I sliced it into matchstick batons and the dressed it with a lemon vinaigrette and added some finely shredded onion. It turned out OK it was crunchy and fairly bland. Talking of strange vegetables my neighbour who comes from Japan brought me some very interesting plants in pots which I can plant out in the vegetable garden they include " Garland chrysanthemum" and "Perilla" as well as garlic chives and mizuna. She had also stir fried another vegetable whose name escapes me but which we ate with our quiche and enjoyed. I am concerned about the plants as we are about to have a week away so I have left them in their pots and put them in a trough with a half inch of water to keep them going until I can plant them and look after them.
This morning it is very warm and already 20 degrees plus with a heavily over cast sky. The latest weather forecast intimates that we may well miss the rain that is due so I guess it will be a good watering session tonight. I think I will get on and make the tortilla as I don't want to be stood over a hot stove in the heat of the day. James is going back up to London this evening so we don't have to play musical beds again tonight and it will give him time to do his laundry and clean his flat before he starts work on Monday morning. I feel very sorry for him as his start date for Hendon had again been put back, he has already been waiting over a year and the way things are looking he is concerned that he could be made redundant with the cut backs. I do hope he is just being pessimistic.
As it is bright and early I am going to do a bit of research on the net and see if I can find a film converter so that I can change my films from AVI format to mp4 and so down load them to the iPad to watch at my leisure. This is all a bit complicated for me so wish me luck!!!
Anyway have good day all


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