Friday morning and raining

Another lovely bunch of flowers from yesterdays visitors. Alstromerias and lilies so the smell of the lilies is over powering but at least the room doesn't smell of dogs. The day went well and all the catering was successful. The new oven is very good and cooks beautifully evenly so the scallops were wonderful. We sat about chatting for most of the day as it is ages since I have seen my sister in law - her husband I see regularly as we shoot together. We made one foray up the garden in between down pours to see how the wind had beaten everything flat. Apparently we are in for another day of heavy rain and strong winds so I think I will be having a day of rest today. Once they had left I realised that I had nothing for supper but fortunately my box of vegetables had arrived so I set to and shelled some fresh peas and broad beans and washed off the spinach I then made a risotto primavera with all the lovely veg and some crème fraiche which was lurking in the fridge. The addition of shed loads of parmesan cheese and a really good chicken stock ensured it was absolutely delicious. By about 8 pm I was running out of steam in a major way so I took myself off to bed and was out cold by 9pm.
The dogs behaved impeccably which is always an added bonus and Jeff had a look at my air rifle which needed a bit of attention. However he fired it off up the garden and Basso went mad looking for a pigeon that had been shot! so I took pity on him and retrieved a frozen bird from the freezer and hurled it on to the lawn. Delighted, he picked it up and brought it straight back to me and "delivered it tenderly to hand" as the gun dog manual says. I was thrilled as he could not have done any better so it served as a perfect demonstration.
I rang Terry my bee guru and asked if he could spare me some time as one thing I cannot do is lift off the heavy parts of the bee hives and I really need to have a look and see what is going on. I think one of the hives may well need re-queening which is something I have never done before so that will be a new experience. He is very busy this weekend as it is the Kent county show, it's so sad that the weather is so dreadful for them especially after the heat wave of last week. I don't know which is worse the oppressive heat or the rain.
Anne do fill us in with how your trip and meals went I would be very interested in what you had at St Johns as I believe that their menu is quite exciting and unusual. I once did a recipe of theirs for pigs tails which was a lot of faffing around but absolutely delicious once completed.
Well that about it for today I have no real plans as yet but no doubt I will find something to keep me occupied.....Time for my eye drops which I have to instil 4 times daily. One lot [chloramphenicol] is for a week and the second one [prednisolone] for a month.
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